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GF Futures: stocking season end rallies short egg egg mid stocking season in the past, near the Mid Autumn Festival, egg prices will show a downward trend. Hens breeding stock surged, raw feed costs decline, laying high profits, breeding chicks Bulan positive egg, is expected to continue to decline, egg futures fell 200-300 worth looking forward to. Operation, short rallies the same ideas, continue to hold an empty one. 1701 egg: egg 1701 interval operation strategy to sell 3300-3500 yuan in area of short rallies; position: 10%-20%; Objective: 3000-3200 yuan; investment cycle: estimated time of 1-3 months; stop: 3500 yuan area stop; profit and loss ratio: 2.5:1 egg 1705 operation strategy sold interval: 3100-3300 yuan in the area; position: 10%-20%; target a: 2800-3000 yuan; investment cycle: estimated time of 1-3 months; stop bit: 3400 yuan in the area; profit ratio: 2.5:1 risk warning and tracking 1 avian flu epidemic situation; 2 egg basis high; 3 feed raw material price fluctuations. Analysis report of September, by the end of the mid autumn festival consumption season stocking, stocking market enthusiasm waned, but with the cooler weather, the laying rate, egg receiving well received, goods to go slower, less inventory trader. The traders bearish expectations high, egg trade situation worse, the expected short-term adjustment of egg prices will be weak. Supply: 1 hens breeding stock rise, egg supply according to Chivas for hens herds statistical data monitoring, the latest in July 2016 in laying hens breeding stock is 1 billion 250 million, 0.70% less than in June last year, a substantial increase of 8.86%. From the scale point of view, only the following 50 thousand scale egg farmers in laying hens breeding stock increased 50 thousand -10 million scale egg farmers in laying hens breeding stock increased 100 thousand -50 million scale egg farmers in laying hens breeding stock to reduce more than 500 thousand of the size of the egg farmers in laying hens breeding stock change. From the provincial point of view, in addition to Hebei, Henan, Heilongjiang, Hunan, other provinces have reduced. July in hens herds increase was added in laying hens is less than the amount eliminated. In September, the domestic air temperature decreased and the amount of laying rate has certain recovery compared with August, the overall supply of a rebound in August. From the age structure of hens, chicken age structure in 2016 in the year of July showed the characteristics of "younger". Overall, on the one hand, 90-120 day age accounted for a still larger, on July new production is still more; on the other hand, more than 450 days old chicken accounted for a decrease, the egg prices rose sharply, farming profits per kilogram rose, old chicken significantly advance out phenomenon there is a low probability. If the old chicken out of normal or delayed elimination in laying hens breeding stock market outlook will continue to increase. In July 2016, the number of chicks raised was 1.25% higher than in June 2016, an increase of 21.4.相关的主题文章: