Google has expanded the application scope of services such as Uber and carpooling in direct competit liuxiaobo

Google has expanded the application scope of services such as Uber and carpool carpooling service in direct competition Google wise Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, Google has quietly for the San Francisco area users open a carpool service wise (Waze), expanded the pilot project also confirmed that the company intends to enter the profit the rich taxi service industry. San Francisco smartphone users can now download the name of the (Waze Rider) mobile applications, apply for a ride in the driver of the vehicle at the end of the work, which uses the latest hot spot navigation applications. Google began testing in Chi para carpooling service in May this year, is aimed at several regions of the employees, but Google confirmed on Thursday that the service in the past few weeks has been gradually extended to the users in San Francisco. A smart car sharing service will allow Google and Uber and Lyft taxi service company to carry out more direct competition. But the difference is that Uber and Lyft are the main driver of the taxi driver, but Google hopes that through a Chi service matchmaking to the same direction of the driver and passengers. Currently, Google will be the number of drivers and passengers to use intelligence services limited to two times: go to work and work. A wise carpool low price, Google does not want to make a living as a driver of intellectual service tools. This is also to avoid regulatory review. A reporter using a Chi carpool service on Wednesday evening from San Francisco Financial District to Oakland. According to the reporter’s feedback, there are still some loopholes in intelligence services. For example, a wise application does not display the driver’s car to passengers in pick up front position, the driver in the driving process does not use a smart navigation application. But on the whole, everything went smoothly. At this time about 20 minutes to travel to the driver, Google — a local bar manager Mei · (Mae Coates) – Cortez paid $6.30 to passengers only charge $3 in fees. In the promotion of intelligence services in the early stage, Google offers passengers a discount. By contrast, it takes $23 to $30 to complete the same trip on a Uber or Lyft trip outside the rush hour, using the subway for $3.45. Cortez said, she registered as a wise driver because it is easy". She provides general travel arrangements and family, work address to the intelligence, but does not have to provide proof of insurance, to send car photos or through the background audit. Google spokesman said that Google does not plan to obtain such information as a wisdom is just a simple platform, heading to the same direction of the driver and passengers matchmaking. Cortez said Wednesday, the trip is the first time she used Chi carpool, she probably will do so, because it makes her some money on the way home to many. She doesn’t drive for Uber or Lyft because she has a full-time job. "I think it’s going to be popular," she says. "Because it’s cheap and simple." (compile Xiao rain) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? It is to scan the code concern outside the Agency (micro signal: ifengwys) official micro.相关的主题文章: