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Guangdong Media: Lippi occupation career and his biggest adventure [Planning] want what Hengda Hengda this season the whole review road to win six consecutive br what no one can stop Lippi and Hengda want? Zhang Zhe – now Hengda has become fully deserve the Asian football teams, then perhaps the Hengda need to break the record: the top domestic league Lyon created seven consecutive years, Dalian Shide’s 8 Premier League titles, third times won the championship AFC Champions League become worthy of the name "first in asia". "Hengda model" execution and Xu Jiayin Hengda wrist, to achieve this three "goal" is probably not difficult, really difficult is the more ambitious — five years among the world’s top twenty club. To achieve this goal, Hengda has no longer rely on the team, in addition to foreign aid, Hengda in the next few years where talents? Throughout Hengda this year to win the course, the steady quality of the championship is still, but the absolute control has weakened enough to crush the opponent’s attack advantage is also reduced. It has new old alternate schedule, but in the huge achievement under the pressure, Hengda and Scolari eventually took a conservative strategy, a new exercise gave way to compete for six consecutive years. Hengda dilemma, but also the plight of Chinese football is not universal? Where is the outstanding newcomer of Chinese football? This question, perhaps by last night on the podium Lippi thinking. Lippi and the Federation signed a contract to the end of January 2019. Over the next two years, with an annual salary of 15 million 500 thousand euros Hengda Lippi will lead the former coach coach Hengda team launched his own career, the biggest adventure. For Chinese football, the gamble has begun. I hope Hengda mode can bring good luck to the country, I wish Lippi as soon as possible to break the Chinese football this equation!相关的主题文章: