Hangzhou Gui Gui Gui Gui Gui Gui Gui West Lake iptd-651

Hangzhou tours Guangxi Guangxi map of West Lake flowers can not be a little rain this two days, Hangzhou cold morning the day a little heat, so the weather most love the sweet scented osmanthus. Send a tour map to Guangxi Guangxi, and Yuli hit with flowers. The Sweet osmanthus rain at Manjuelong manjuelong village, Hangzhou children’s Park · Sweet osmanthus rain at Manjuelong Park osmanthus has opened 20%, Kim, Yingui, osmanthus are. The annual osmanthus festival in the park will be kicked off on Saturday, until October 16th. There are nearly 4000 osmanthus tree manjuelong village, this year the first wave of early Guangxi has opened. More than half of the second wave of sweet scented osmanthus is expected to bloom before and after the national day. The village cafe open basic this weekend, this site upgrade. Hangzhou botanical garden botanical garden osmanthus Ziwei Park was built in 1958, Kim, Yingui collection, osmanthus, osmanthus and so on more than 20 varieties of more than 2000 strains, and strains of up to 10 meters, diameter 1.05 meters of the "king of osmanthus". Staff said, is now open early GUI, the main varieties of hard Ye Dangui, flowering rate reached 20%, the basic can continue until the end of the week. The next wave of China is expected to be in full bloom around the national day, if the national day before the temperature maintained at 25 degrees Celsius, coupled with the rain, the Chinese will bloom." Hangzhou botanical garden senior engineer Chen Xiaoling said. Osmanthus than elsewhere – Wansong college, yuhuangshan Wansong college more than a bookish, quietly sitting in the shade, the faint smell of fragrance, or with friends, or to turn a few pages or so in a daze, smell the flowers. Jade mountain mountain purple hole, surrounded by sweet scented osmanthus trees, but also a gossip field. However, the jade mountain osmanthus also only a few sporadic strains, is expected to be in full bloom after the national day. The Tea Museum has a late Barron wells in Guiting Zhongcha Bo Longjing District, known as the fragrant Pavilion, around is a piece of sweet scented osmanthus trees. The tea Bo staff Shu Yan introduced, not yet open mountain osmanthus temporarily, "if the weather is good, after 35 days, Naka Chahiro can also open osmanthus." In fact, West Lake, Orioles Singing in the Willows sweet scented osmanthus has been quietly open, after the hill, yuewangmiao area, along the Tiger Park, Sir Georg Solti, Liuhe pagoda Park, yunqi bamboo trail, osmanthus has been gradually into the night, Mancheng fragrance when coming.相关的主题文章: