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Harbin adjusted provident fund deposit base monthly deposit limit more than and 400 according to state regulations, in accordance with the 2015 data released in October this year, the Harbin Municipal Bureau of statistics, Harbin city housing provident fund management center issued a notice to adjust the Harbin 2016 annual employee housing provident fund deposit base of upper and lower limit. Upper limit: 14601 yuan; monthly deposit amount of $3504.40. Provident fund deposit base limit: urban (excluding Hulan District, A Cheng District, Shuangcheng District) 1480 yuan; A Cheng Hulan District, 1270 January; Wuchang City, Shuangcheng District, Shangzhi City, Bayan County, 1120 January; Yanshou County, Mulan County, Tonghe County, county, Yilan County, fangzheng County 1030 january. What does this policy mean? What are the effects on us? Provident fund deposit base limit is 14601 yuan, representing 2015: 14601 yuan is 3 times the average monthly wages in Harbin, if the average monthly salary of more than 14601 people, for example, is 20 thousand, 30 thousand yuan a month, he is still with 14601 as the base pay. The highest monthly deposit of not more than 3504.40 yuan in the same way, the lower limit of public funds paid 1480 yuan, probably means that if you have low wages, the unit should be the number of monthly wages 1480 yuan for your deposit fund, individual pay part also. Last year’s upper and lower limits are how much? In 2015, the housing provident fund deposit base, the lower limit for the 2014 annual Harbin monthly minimum wage (1160 January; A Cheng District of Hulan District, 1050 January; Wuchang City, Shuangcheng City, Shangzhi City 900 yuan; Bayan County, Yanshou County, Mulan County, Tonghe County, Yilan County, county, county, upper 850 founder January) as of 2014 the city’s Urban Non private units in the average wage of workers 12888 yuan, three times the monthly limit of 3093 yuan monthly deposit amount. What will your monthly salary change after adjustment? A few examples for you: if in accordance with the urban standards, individuals and units to deposit ratio was 12%, for a total of 24% Sohn monthly salary of 1100 yuan, lower than the minimum wage (the unit back part, negligible), based on the lower limit before the adjustment to pay 278.4 yuan 1160× 24%=, one person to pay 139.2 yuan. Adjusted to pay 1480× 24%=355.2 yuan, of which individuals pay 177.6 yuan. Adjusted to pay more than 38.4 yuan Zhang monthly salary of $2000, according to the actual calculation of the pre paid 2000× 24%=480 yuan, of which individuals pay $240. Adjusted to pay 2000× 24%=480 yuan, of which individuals pay 240 yuan, no change before and after the adjustment. Similarly, the monthly salary of 3000 yuan, $4000… Before and after the adjustment are not affected Wang wages for 15000 yuan,.相关的主题文章: