Harbin centenarians the latest map of the longevity of the 43 habitat habitat hyuna

Harbin centenarians in the latest map of the longevity of the 43 habitat habitat in the top of the list of people over one hundred years, that is, immortal life. Reporters on the 18 from the city to do the old office, there are 210 centenarians in Harbin, including 68 men, women, 142. Where most people figure a hundred years old city that most centenarians in Harbin where? Xiao Bian made a hundred years old city map specially for you, the deeper the color area, more centenarians: of course, these regional population base is not the same, more intuitive to see, in the household population from low to high ranking, the number of centenarians "which A new force suddenly rises. district" what a sudden fall: 2, 5, October birthday centenarians most concentrated more than and 200 centenarians, according to age from high to low row order: 111 year old Li Fengyun, 109 year old Wei Jinrong, 108 year old Wang Xi, 108 year old Wang Qin, 108 year old Shi Yunfeng, 108 year old Li Zhendong…… Why do you go to the sixth place, because the list, there is finally a man…… It is said that during the spring and autumn season of birth is beneficial to health, it seems quite reasonable: according to the old birth month, February, May, October, the birthday of the most centenarians, followed by 27 people, 26 people, 25 people. You are what you sign the old birthday…… The 111 year old city’s oldest man love for those who live in water of citrus peel into a legendary old man, a lot of people want to ask them, how to do? 111 years old, the oldest old man Li Fengyun is Shandong people, cheerful, honest and friendly to people, encountered a bad thing, don’t take it to heart, good temper, basically did not get angry. The old man never picky, to say love her old habits is to drink water, the pot is not a bubble tea, bubble lemonade skin or orange peel, this habit has been extended to more than and 90 years, due to fear of the night often don’t drink up. It is understood that centenarians in the diet because of the most homely fare, never picky eaters, which many people love to eat fish, love with pickles, love to drink porridge, corn noodles Millet Congee. Very regular schedule, occasionally drink a little wine. New evening news reporter: Li相关的主题文章: