He is covered in tattoos motionless to strangle the monster muscle-ricky lee neely

He is covered in tattoos motionless to strangle the muscle monster Martyn Ford as saying that a man named Martyn Ford muscle big coffee in the UK, can be described as popular fitness circle in Europe, not only because of his big body, the key is this guy’s unexpectedly a staggering 2 meters, living off the reality version of the hulk! Martyn Ford 34 years old this year, if you encounter old classmates, I am afraid we can not recognize him! The height of up to 203 cm before him, is a thin bamboo pole, a young man who dreamed of being a cricket player, but unfortunately at the age of 18 after the injury, so he chose to quit the sport, but also a turning point in his life. Since you can not continue to play cricket, but he did not want to waste this unique body so a head into the fitness world, exercise yourself as a fitness coach. The first weight to 147 kg through a high intensity training, let him from the long pole into "Hulk". Martyn training is super abnormal, people play a two hundred kg that is warm up. Even if there is in the fitness of men standing beside him are tarnished by comparison. Take off your coat looks daunting. He can even lift a male adult with one hand. There are many studios saw his strong appearance, have come to invite him in the movie, "the Ultimate Fighter 4" plays "the role of nightmare" appearance. Martyn person mentioned on the IG diet is an important part of fitness, due to the high intensity of the heavy training let him one day intake under 7 thousand calories to maintain the body, in which a large number of fruits and vegetables is the most indispensable! If you want to get more nutrients, broccoli, spinach, asparagus try. In addition, Martyn favorite fitness to acting, also give full of love for the family, especially he let his daughter revealed a tough and tender. Younger daughter likes to exercise together with her father, but also to look into the female into the Phoenix Martyn hope after her daughter can participate in the Olympic games. Although some people will think that Martyn himself like a monster, but Xiao Bian think he used his actions to prove to everyone: as long as there is determination, enthusiasm and effort, you can change yourself! Source (Health cool WeChat public number)相关的主题文章: