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Meditation The many sacred healing systems that exist in the world have taught us a great deal about what it means to be human and what it means to heal and be well. The innate inner-connectedness of all aspects of one’s self is part of the foundation of many of these natural and holistic healing systems- many individuals report feeling that they understand this idea through experience after healing they did not previously have. One healing system that is a good example of this connection is the healing star modality known as Rising Star Healing. Rising Star is a modality that was channeled through a spiritual teacher and is utilized by practitioners all over the world. Energy healers who are familiar with other modalities of energy healing, such as Reiki will see some key similarities that many energy healing modalities share. For example, in Rising Star healing, as in Reiki healing, when energy is directed into the body, it goes where it is most needed. Rather than the practitioner determining what healing needs to happen, the practitioner instead simply acts as a conduit for the energy that determines what healing needs to be done. The healing energy senses what the greatest need is and acts accordingly. Another concept that Rising Star has in .mon with other healing systems is that it embraces and functions via the interconnectedness of a person’s self. The physical self, the mental self, the emotional self, and the spiritual self, all of these parts make up one’s whole being. Each of them can be in or out of balance in and of themselves and in relation to the others. When one aspect of the self is out of balance, it affects the other aspects as well, and in different ways. For example, let’s say a person is having a very hard time handling a situation in their life. It seems too much for them to bear and they worry about this situation frequently. Obviously, there is a mental and emotional issue here in dealing with the situation and worrying about it- obviously affecting one’s emotional and mental state of being. It would not be surprising for this person to begin experiencing shoulder issues during this time as well. They may wake up one morning and feel that they’ve slept wrong on their shoulder, or find themselves prone to aggravating their shoulders during physical activity, or even just find the muscles in their shoulders and upper back to be tight and sore. Shoulders tend to symbolize our ability to cope and our ability to easily handle life’s changes and challenges. This is shown symbolically in some of our phrases that describe stressful situations, for example, "The weight of the world is on his shoulder." "You need to shoulder that responsibility." These statements are .monly used and are fairly literal when you consider them in this context. One’s ability to respond to and handle life’s challenges is the only thing that can be changed here, and in healing the issue that caused the person to believe that they can’t handle things, the other related symptoms should also clear up, unless there is another contributing factor. This is one way that healing systems are more efficient and accurate than we are, because the healing energy goes where it is needed most without the individual or healer needing to consciously know what the root of the ailments are. Many individuals leave a healing session healed in ways they may have never known they needed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: