Hefei Metro Line 1 has been tested with 3 months of site renovation work has entered the closing sta solid converter

Hefei Metro Line 1 has been tested with 3 months of site renovation work has entered the final stage of the Hefei Metro Line 1 has been tested over 3 months, the site renovation work has entered the closing stages. Line 1 is expected next month the formal operation of line 1 it is reported that the one or two phase of the project of fire control work has been started officially in October 25th at present, fire inspection work has been completed all 8 stations 23 stations in the remaining stations, depot and substation fire inspection work plan in mid November after the completion of all. The fire inspection mainly includes civil decoration and equipment installation of two parts, construction decoration acceptance inspection of the main fire station exits, evacuation routes, fire spacing, fire, fire doors, decoration materials, elevator, escalator and set of equipment installation; fire inspection main test fire water system, gas extinguishing system, smoke control system, emergency lighting, evacuation systems, fire alarm system and fire linkage function set is complete, whether the convergence and orderly and well functioning. According to the plan, line 1 this month to continue the no-load trial operation, is expected to officially operate next month. Binhu section of the 7 site will beautify the export of line No. 1 Binhu section of the ground attached landscape project has been completed construction tender, is expected to start construction in the near future. Binhu section of the subway station exports will be more beautiful. Mainly divided into two sections, covering the Binhu Convention and Exhibition Center Station, Tangxi River Park Station, Jindou Park Station, Yungu Road station, Bingzi shop station, Wanda City Station, a total of 7 nine joint station site. Along the 25 bus station will be the "operation" on line 1 trial operation has been completed, now the subway has remained stable, from the Binhu district nine dyke to the train station the whole trip takes about 49 minutes, and the opening of trial operation after the passenger about time spent. In order to better serve the public, 12 subway stations near the bus station will have to be new, migration and transformation of the 25. Project No. 1 line node – June 1, 2012, Hefei Metro Line 1 3 standard (large civil engineering construction of DongMen Railway Station) closed, marking the 1 line project officially started construction; in November 10, 2012, Hefei railway first shield machine "Hefei No. 1 subway line No. 1" in the bustling Avenue Station officially starting; in November 10, 2012, Hefei railway first shield machine "Hefei No. 1 subway station officially" originating at the No. 1 Xian Fanhua Avenue; in April 17, 2014, the Hefei Metro Line 1 construction 2 HeFei Railway Station to Fengyang Road Station shield section of right line project smoothly through the Hefei rail transit construction marks the first tunnel through; in September 16, 2015, the big Wu shield interval left line successfully received, marking the 1 line shield interval left line through the hole; In November 28, 2015, the first passenger rail line 1 electric vehicles arrived in Binhu; in December 28, 2015, rail line 1 large Wuhu interval of the right line of the shield machine to receive, marking the line 1 across the board through the hole; in April 8, 2016, a track section相关的主题文章: