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Hefei police: defamation of cancer dialogue work will fall and smile and go to Sohu news to be accused of "false police", Hefei 51 year old police Wang Kaiman told the surging news (October 26th) interview was relatively indifferent: if the fall in the work, I will smile and go, don’t blame anyone. In October 12th, Wang Kaiman was shot by a man at work, also known as the fake police". This video is then forwarded a lot. After the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that Wang Kaiman Yaohai Municipal Public Security Bureau police station, Hefei, Wang Kaiman, who suffered from malignant lymphoma but insisted on duty, was shot when the video is to check the work of fire prevention and treatment of. In October 26th, surging news published the "Anhui cancer old police was the man shot the video called fake police department, police arrested a libel: ten day", causing users concern. Nianguobanbai Wang full is focused on their police officer. This picture is the Hefei evening news Wang Kaiman told the surging news, 5 years ago he was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma, 8 times after disease control after chemotherapy; 3 months later, he wrote a book that "life and death", continue to adhere to the work. He said that the police love this occupation, if they are sick at home to stay, they will feel that the whole people on the waste, there is no meaning, since I go to work, I will do a good job." The king took off his clothes home full of hope, they live like normal people, not a burden to the family. The king thought the other was full of dialogue] shoot video on the right surging news: as the man why suddenly picked up a mobile phone to shoot video? Wang Kaiman: in the afternoon of October 12th, I did check the fire in Hefei Wanda Plaza cake shop, found a cake shop fire hydrant outside block. I wish that Mr. owner to security risks, then fill out the fire hazard and fire prevention inspection records daily notice two tables. A building where there is no table to fill in a form, I wish the manager took me to the two floor of the consumer place, then a man and a woman to buy a cake. At that time, I was filling out the form, suddenly, the man suddenly took out his cell phone, and said I was a fake police". Surging news: then what do you react? Wang Kaiman: I was surprised. The man went on to say, how do you check the police station fire, fire does not belong to your police station, do you believe me to shoot you now? Surging news: how do you prove the identity of the police to the other? Wang Kaiman: I think the man had a misunderstanding, take out the work permit (video shows the king of the police officers will be transferred to the man in the hands of the stock market). Surging news: video you dressed in formal police uniforms? Wang Kaiman: Yes, I think you were wearing police uniforms, shoot it, the police certificate looked at him, then my heart is a little angry. He always said, "do you believe it or not, I call people," I asked him what you do, he said, "you have to ask me what I do, I do not tell you". I thought he’d do it all right, because I’m going to check out the next fire. The manager also think he is very strange.相关的主题文章: