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Heilongjiang province education college students against telecommunications fraud fraud expert 6 routine 27, fraud expert Zhang Rui Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps detachment of the new criminal investigation into the university campus, to more than 1000 freshman about how to identify knowledge of telecommunications fraud, according to the pattern and she refurbished fraud types are summed up, remind the students not to be fooled. It is understood that the anti telecommunications fraud campaign from 27, will be started in 82 colleges and universities in our province. The event will also recruit college students to participate in the anti fraud commonweal alliance to enhance the ability of college students to defend the telecommunications fraud. Trap 1 Taobao refund when you meet "your Taobao transaction is not successful, please follow the instructions to cooperate with the refund", be careful. It is understood that the telecommunications fraud in Longyan area of Fujian is mainly induced by a false account of Taobao account failure and the fact that the transaction has not completed the refund. It is a step by step to induce buyers to enter the trap by posing as customer service, plus QQ and sending links. Experts remind: in this case, do not trust the other party’s rhetoric, it should be immediately dialed to Taobao customer service phone to verify. "You are about to change the trap of flight 2 aboard the flight XX canceled, please refund or change procedures." Hainan province Danzhou "eat Zi" is referred to as such fraud crime, the crime by means of an airline ticketing system intrusion, to obtain accurate personal information of the victim, to enter a code in the ATM machine, but this code is money transfer amount, unknown to the people easily deceived. Experts remind: if this kind of thing, contact the airline as soon as possible to verify. The trap 3 runs the male award. "Here is the running men’s group. You are lucky enough to be the guest of the male program, get XX million bonus and apple notebook. Recently, the hot running male program has become a fraud tool for some cheaters. By the temptation of high bonus, the victim has been remitting money to the "column group". The amount has increased from the initial three hundred or four hundred yuan to several thousand yuan or more than ten thousand yuan. Experts remind: do not believe in such information, not to remittance to the other party. Trap 4 WeChat for help "I am XXX, phone arrears to help charge 100 yuan charge." "Q child" is a general name of such a fraud in Binyang County of Guangxi province. After stealing the victim’s QQ number through Trojan horse program, they sent their help information to their relatives and friends to cheat the victim’s money. According to Zhang Rui introduction, now such fraud has evolved, liar "hidden" into the WeChat group of friends, then the group within the guide member or the students as like as two peas picture and nickname, fraud victims money transfer to your nominated account. Experts remind: this kind of situation is quite deceptive, should be checked with the students or the guide in time. Trap 5 subsidies to the accounts "your poor student subsidies (or student loans) have been approved, please cooperate with us to complete the operation." This is a kind of deception aimed at college students. After the hacker attacks the details of the student, the fraud is applied to the fraud. Experts remind: in the case of this kind of receiving subsidy, pay the money first, do not hurry the remittance, timely contact with the guide, verify the situation. Trap 6 police case, "your bank account is suspected of money laundering. Please remit the deposit to the security account of the Public Security Bureau." These scammers claiming to be the public security investigators, through detention, cooperate with the investigation and other harsh tone to confound, intimidation of victims, then the victim transfer command deposits on their bank card to the so-called security account "". Experts remind: immediately call "110" to verify, the trick will immediately be punctured. (manuscript: Harbin News Network – new evening news) (author: Li Yang)

黑龙江省防骗专家教大学生拆招电信诈骗6大套路   27日,省公安厅刑侦总队新型犯罪侦查支队的防骗专家张睿走进工大校园,向1000余名大一新生宣讲了怎样辨别电信诈骗等知识,同时她根据花样翻新的诈骗种类进行总结,提醒同学们别上当。   据了解,此次防电信诈骗宣讲活动从27日起,将陆续在我省82所高校展开。此次活动还将招募大学生参加反诈骗公益联盟,增强大学生对电信诈骗的防御能力。   陷阱1 淘宝退款   当你遇到“您的淘宝交易不成功,请按照指示操作配合退款”时,就要小心了。据了解,福建龙岩地区电信诈骗,主要是通过谎称淘宝账户故障、交易未完成退款为由,通过冒充客服、加QQ、发链接等方式,一步步诱导买家进入圈套。   专家提醒:遇到这样的情况,不要轻信对方的花言巧语,应该马上拨打淘宝客服电话进行核实。   陷阱2 航班改签   “您即将搭乘的XX航班因故取消,请配合办理退票或改签程序。”海南省儋州的“作吃仔”是此类诈骗犯的统称,其作案手段是通过侵入航空公司的售票系统,获取被害人的精确个人信息后,要其在ATM机输入一个代码,实则这个代码是转款金额数,不明就里的人很容易上当受骗。   专家提醒:如果遇到此类事情,尽快与航空公司联系核实。   陷阱3 跑男中奖   “这里是跑男栏目组,您被幸运的选为跑男节目的嘉宾,获得XX万元的奖金和苹果笔记本。”近来,火爆的跑男节目成了某些骗子的诈骗工具,其通过高额奖金的诱惑,让受害人不断汇款给“栏目组”,金额从最初的三四百元逐渐涨到几千元、上万元。   专家提醒:不要相信此类的中奖信息,更不要汇款给对方。   陷阱4 微信求助   “我是XXX,电话欠费帮忙充100元话费。”“Q仔”是广西省宾阳县此类诈骗犯的统称,他们通过木马程序盗取被害人的QQ号后,在向其亲朋好友发送此类求助信息,骗取被害人的钱财。据张睿介绍,如今此类诈骗已经进化,骗子“潜伏”进微信好友群,再以群内导员或者同学一模一样的头像和昵称,骗取被害人转账钱款到自己指定的账户。   专家提醒:此类情况有相当大的欺骗性,应及时与同学或导员核实。   陷阱5 补贴到账   “你的贫困生补贴(或助学贷款)已获得批准,请配合我们完成操作。”这是一类专门针对大学生的骗术。骗子通过黑客攻击窃取学生详细信息后,对其实施精准诈骗。   专家提醒:遇到此类领取补贴先交钱的电话,不要急着汇款,及时与导员取得联系,核实情况。   陷阱6 警察办案   “你的银行账户涉嫌洗钱,请将卡内存款汇到公安局指定安全账户。”这类骗子自称公检法办案人员,通过拘留、配合调查等严厉语气恫吓被害人,让其惊慌失措,随后指挥被害人转账自己银行卡上的存款到所谓的“安全账户”。   专家提醒:遇到此情况立即拨打“110”核实,骗子的伎俩马上会被戳穿。   (稿源: 哈尔滨新闻网-新晚报)   (作者: 李洋 )相关的主题文章: