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Henan is a village more than 500 households in the village all the family tradition of good family tradition (Figure) – Beijing new network in Luohe in September 12, (Han Zhangyun) "small family, big rules", this is Linying County of Henan Province Village Dragon Family Culture Museum opening words. In this there are more than 700 villagers in the village, more than and 500 families have made their own family, hanging on the wall. Li family tree, family, positive family tradition, the small village has formed up, Xiang Shan, to the beauty of the village folk. In September 11th, the reporter in Linying county dragon village family culture museum to see the villagers family, in addition to hanging on his wall, are on display in the Museum of family culture. In this unique rustic family culture museum, the exhibition is the classic ancient sages have a motto, the village primary and middle school students in the creation of a copy to the family theme writing, hand, and after the liberation of the village of college students, military photos, exhibits very down to earth. Dragon village Party Secretary Guo Zian told reporters, long Tang Cun has set family house rules family of more than 500 households, a part of the exhibition hall in the family education, the rest of the collection of writing in the village of "family" in the book of inheritance. "Family is the rules of the house, every family, not special rules, you can avoid a lot of social problems." Guo Zian said, long Tang Cun began planning a family education Museum from 2015 December to create, in the village sign instructions, encourage and participate in interactive instructions, Sun Village expert training. In May 26, 2016, the total area of more than 1 thousand and 800 square meters of family culture museum officially opened. The reporter saw family culture museum on display in the famous "Zhu Geliang book", when Zhu Xi family history, Yan Family famous, the traditional value concept of Yi Li advocate filial piety. The villagers family, to filial piety, patriotic and law-abiding in the forefront, fit the current view on socialist core value. An example of the character and deeds of family cultural museum exhibition and dragon village village, the villagers to advocate, Xiang Shan, to the United States, very down to earth. Han Zhangyun photo "villagers Lee on behalf of legalism is business, his family motto is" not to take advantage, do business with a smiling, fair trading, not to make money in good conscience. ". The Li Shaozhi family motto is "doing duty for chivalrous thing, live, do honest people.". Every family has its own characteristics." Guo Zian said that the family collection in place, do not modify the manuscript in the village, the villagers "no level of family". The family is static, while the Dragon Village motto is dynamic. The village organization of primary and middle school students in family as the theme of writing, writing newspaper, let the family tradition family motto softly, with salutary influence of education of every member of the family. Dragon Village Song "one family" has been long Tang Cun village into a square dance, sounded in the village square every day. "DragonTown" is a code of conduct for all village village villagers found…… Law-abiding, love love is dragon village village common recognition and practice values. The villagers Zhang image family motto is "following the ancestors, re reading, doing good, weak and disabled, Mu Lin, Qin industry". "No matter what time, studious, kind-hearted, diligent is a per our house)相关的主题文章: