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Henan square dance "hero" in male plus – Beijing new network in Zhengzhou in November 2, (Han Zhangyun) in November 2nd, square dance deep mass base in Henan province to the society a "hero", square dance master who invited a showdown. It is reported that Henan province will be held from November to December in the province to carry out the national square dance contest in Henan Province in 2016. In order to encourage men through the square dance fitness, to participate in the competition will be a bonus for men. November 2nd, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Social Sports Management Center, in Henan Province in 2016 square dance contest will be held in the province from November to December, the final in Henan province stadium in December 31st. The theme of the contest for the national dance, the central plains more exciting". Competition for the Henan province various groups, except for age, body and other requirements, other conditions are not censored. The number of each team is 6 (inclusive) above, no ceiling. Encourage men to participate in the final stage of the male players are extra points. Each team can also be reported to two substitute players, players need to age 65 years of age (including) the following. Henan social sports management center director Chen Zhen said, the game is divided into the audition and the final two stages. "The audition stage with the help of the Internet, from each team to record and upload video entries, according to the online voting results to determine the final team. The final use of the media review and the public judges in the form of on-site evaluation." According to the schedule, the teams can be from November 11th to 30 at the time of the river to fill in the registration form and upload the video. December 1st 12 to 20 at the time of 12 hours of voting, the audience can visit Henan social body WeChat public platform (hnsst001) to vote. December 23rd in Henan, the body of WeChat public platform and river network announced the finalists list. December 31st 14 at the Henan stadium final. The reporter understands, the square dance contest auditions tournament by online voting, the final public judges for the public solicitation. According to Xia Lijuan, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Social Sports Management Center, as long as 18 years of age, physical health, love square dance and have a certain level of appreciation of the dance lovers can visit the river network registration. "The competition effect by the people the final say, let the people choose dance in line with public preferences." But for the project, Xia Lijuan said, as long as it has the fitness effect, like fitness, fitness drum, yangko dance cheerleading, kickboxing, aerobics, dance, flash and other dances can participate. "This is a truly national competition for the square dance enthusiasts." Xia Lijuan said. The square dance contest will be selected for the final one or two, three and other awards and outstanding awards. Get one or two, three, and other teams will be awarded the "social sports square dance star" medal and prize, won the outstanding team award medals. All contestants are awarded the award certificate. The winning team will have the opportunity to represent the national square dance competition in Henan province. (end)相关的主题文章: