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"High mountain village" in Fujian tea fragrance on both sides – the news agency of the new network in the field of Fujian on 30 October, the title: "high mountain village" in Fujian cross-strait tea fragrance author Lin Chunyin last century at the beginning of 90s, Fujian Sanming Datian County merchants Li Zhizhong with a tractor loaded with high mountain tea, with a full day time Xiamen, the tea export across the Strait of Taiwan Joysun tea, made his life the first pot of gold. The last century at the end of 90s, Taiwan Joysun of tea five brothers Peng Association came to shareholders under contract field, Ping Shan mu tea garden, the introduction of Taiwan high mountain tea tea technology, tea industry ushered in the spring of two business on the mainland. Nearly twenty years later, Peng and Li Zhizhong Strait Tea Association has been extended to the next generation. Now, the son of Li Zhizhong Li Peng green is on behalf of Joysun tea with Peng Baofa’s nephew Peng Anyuan Ping Shan tea garden, also cross the sea came to Tenfu Tea College is located in Fujian Zhangzhou school. This tea in Fujian in Fujian and Taiwan, meet the eye everywhere. The field is located in the hinterland, 175 kilometers above the mountain to mountain rich mountain tea, won the "Xiang" high mountain tea China said, now become a microcosm of the tea industry cooperation and exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan just unfolding. The introduction of the concept of planting in Taiwan, tea varieties, production technology, processing machinery, etc., in order to go ahead in the field to win market opportunities." Li Pengchun said, Taiwan tea enterprises to enter the field, change the concept of farmers, the adjustment of product structure according to the needs of the market economy, the courage to go out into the market. The earliest to the field to the Taiwan City area "nine Tieguanyin tea king" Zhang Qingquan said, Taiwan tea, tea, withered face aging traditional tea process hard to adjust the taste of the market dilemma, and, the vast land, the majority of the market through the Taiwan channel output good tea qinxia Britain, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam to the international market in particular, the two sides farmers explore together, "have feeling". Datian county magistrate Lin Jinlong said, the integration of the local ecological tea garden and a variety of ecological resources, vigorously tap the red cultural resources, etc. chapter results in Chong Shengyan Buddhist cultural resources and the former Soviet government, the former residence of Zhu De and other Soviet, explore new tea culture tourism development path. During the "Taiwan experience" by farmers hope again. Being named the first China rural tourism model village in Yang village, in the village Party branch secretary Su Qing said? Many villagers have been driven up, beautify the tea garden, built houses, plan Taiwan agricultural tourism experience exquisite transplantation. Vice president of the tea industry association Chen Shize pointed out that between Fujian and Taiwan tea industry through the exchange and cooperation of land or economic resources, varieties, production technology and processing equipment, management experience, gradually achieve the complementary advantages of cross-strait tea production factors, natural resources, market. (end)相关的主题文章: