Home to show the audience with Li praised the gold medal quality-ssport

"Home" to show the audience with Li praised the "gold medal" dance poem "quality home" has to report on performance of Li Luo Baoming Li Jun to watch the show large original dance poem "Li home" in Beijing Tianqiao theater. Nanhai network reporter Chen Wang photo (information) Haikou Hainan daily news October 8th (reporter You Mengyu Intern Lin Min) with glory, reproduction of ethnic dance boutique. Tonight, guided by the Hainan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Public Complaints Commission, provincial sports hall, Haikou municipal government organized the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival gold medal performance report – large original musical repertoire of poem "Li" home "in the song and dance theatre. 7 days, 8 days, two nights of performance, let Hainan audience once again appreciate the gold medal drama style. Hainan provincial Party committee secretary, provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Director Luo Baoming, provincial Party committee deputy secretary Li Jun, Provincial Standing Committee Xu Jun, Sun Xinyang, Hu Guanghui and other provincial leaders, as well as some provincial retired veteran comrades came to the scene 8 days to watch the performance. Before the start of the 8 performance, the Li Li family was praised by the general office of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government office, and was commended by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Haikou municipal government. Large original song and dance poetry Li family in Beijing Tianqiao theater. South China Sea network reporter Chen Wang (data map) accompanied by a melodious nose Xiao play, song and dance "Li family home" in the Li nationality traditional characteristics of the scene kicked off. Jumping actors sometimes sonorous and forceful, sometimes graceful gentle dance show spirit and national characteristics for Li compatriots for the audience, "poem" artistic conception to dance. On the stage, showing the projection light the whirling of the banana leaf, colorful brocade totem and fascinating. It is worth mentioning that in addition to Li Song and dance, the audience can also see on the stage of Li pottery, brocade and other intangible cultural heritage projects show. The song and dance "Li family" is divided into "ah"! "The long robe," sky ", the" thick earth ", the" home "and" small "end ah, parman 5 chapters, progressive layers, depicting the Li family children’s work, life, love and many other scenes. "Home" by Li Haikou City Performing Arts Company Limited (Haikou Art Troupe) creation and performance, in 2015 the formal creation rehearsal, and premiered in Haikou in August this year. From August 16th to September 14th this year, by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the Ministry of culture, the State Press and Publication Administration and the Beijing municipal government jointly organized the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival ", the repertoire of the representative of Hainan Province, from 35 a delegation of 43 programs stand out, won the gold Medal" repertoire "and" Best Stage Art Award ", the creation and performance of its high-quality won many domestic experts praise in literary and art circles. It is understood that the "gold medal" after performing in Haikou’s report, the play was improved in the light, projection and so on, every dance in the complex row makes a clear.

《黎族家园》载誉荣归汇演 观众盛赞“金牌”品质   歌舞诗《黎族家园》载誉荣归汇报演出   罗保铭李军观看演出 大型原创歌舞诗《黎族家园》在北京天桥剧场上演。南海网记者 陈望 摄(资料图)   海南日报海口10月8日讯(记者尤 梦瑜 实习生 林敏)载誉荣归,再现民族歌舞精品。今晚,由海南省委宣传部指导,省民宗委、省文体厅、海口市政府主办的“第五届全国少数民族文艺会演金奖剧目汇报演出——大型原创歌舞诗《黎族家园》”在省歌舞剧院上演。7日、8日两晚的演出让海南观众得以再次领略这部金奖剧目的风采。   海南省委书记、省人大常委会主任罗保铭,省委副书记李军,省委常委许俊、孙新阳、胡光辉等省领导,以及部分省级离退休老同志8日到场观看了演出。   8日演出开始前,《黎族家园》剧组受到了省委办公厅、省政府办公厅的通报表扬,并受到省委宣传部、海口市委市政府的嘉奖。 大型原创歌舞诗《黎族家园》在北京天桥剧场上演。南海网记者 陈望 摄(资料图)   伴随着一曲悠扬的鼻箫演奏,歌舞诗《黎族家园》在极具黎族传统特色的场景中拉开序幕。演员们时而铿锵有力的跳跃,时而优美柔缓的舞姿为观众们展示了世世代代黎族同胞们的精神风貌与民族特色,以舞蹈表现“诗”的意境。舞台上,利用投影技术呈现的光影婆娑的芭蕉叶、变幻多姿的黎锦图腾等引人入胜。值得一提的是,除了黎族歌舞,观众们还能够在舞台上看到黎族制陶、织锦等非遗项目的展示。   歌舞诗《黎族家园》共分序幕《啊!袍隆扣》、上篇《苍穹》、中篇《厚土》、下篇《家园》以及尾声《啊,小帕曼》5个篇章,层层递进,描绘了黎家儿女的劳动、生活、爱情等多个场景。   《黎族家园》由海口市演艺有限公司(海口市艺术团)创作演出,2015年正式创作排练,并于今年8月在海口公演。在今年8月16日至9月14日,由国家民委、文化部、国家新闻出版广电总局和北京市人民政府共同主办的“第五届全国少数民族文艺会演”中,该剧目代表海南省,从35个代表团的43台剧目中脱颖而出,一举获得“剧目金奖”和“最佳舞台美术奖”,其高品质的创作与演出获得了不少国内文艺界专家的好评。据了解,此次“夺金”后在海口汇报演出,该剧在灯光、投影等方面进行了提升,每一段舞蹈在复排中也进行了一番精雕细琢。相关的主题文章: