Hong Kong School Children’s anxiety index rose 8% in rose to the highest grade three primary school noiseware

Hong Kong students anxiety index four years or 8% primary school students in the third grade in three – the highest Beijing fifth grade students raised slogans, to reduce the amount of homework, express leave more time to review, and hope that parents care about their own. Ta Kung Pao reporter Yang Zhou photo Beijing, October 9, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, a survey found that over the past four years in Hongkong primary school students anxiety condition does not improve, the academic year 2015-2016 anxiety index was recorded in 32.3, 30.4, compared to 2012 increased by 8%, which means the highest increase in number of students’ anxiety mistress, 34.5. There are five students said, do homework, but also take into account the weekly in English quiz, need eleven, two points to sleep. There are five students say, because learning pressure and feel dizzy, sleep is not easy. In order to understand the pupils’ anxiety, Hongkong Methodist Social Service Yang Zhen family health and counseling center of Hongkong students in coping with stress and anxiety index "in the form of questionnaire survey, visiting ten primary school a total of 1359 mistress to six students, found that the anxiety index was recorded in 32.3, in 2012 compared with a similar survey increased by 8%, reflecting the anxiety Hongkong primary school is on the rise. The center pointed out that the pupils’ anxiety including achievement is not ideal for fear of being scolded parents or teachers, the amount of homework increase, may even be parents’ marriage crisis. Center Director Zhao Yili said, compared with the data of the 2015-2016 academic year four years ago, anxiety tend to have younger trend, 2012 is mainly four students high, three years later, the students mistress is high, do not rule out associated with TSA. She continued that there are schools to implement no homework day or reduce the amount of homework and other measures to help students and parents decompression. Zhao Yili stressed that the survey can only show the students’ anxiety tendency, failed to prove whether the students with anxiety. According to the numerical calculation, if the index of 60.5 was moderate anxiety tendency, and the other was serious anxiety tendency of 69.9. Center social worker Chen Zhuowen pointed out that the behavior of most anxious students and ordinary students is not easy to be found among parents or teachers, students lack of vocabulary to express inner feeling mistress, only know how to "not happy" and "love" to show emotions, and five and six students tend to hide the tension and anxiety suppression. She suggests that students learn to deal with problems rather than avoid them. Three primary school students are called the fifth grade homework dictation, feel great pressure. Tan Tongxue said that a lesson will feel headache and trouble, afraid to do a little homework was scolded by the teacher. Chen said a lot of homework, there are eight kinds of usual, to the weekend to increase the number of 15, she worried about doing. Yan classmate refers to, do not finish the homework will receive a warning letter, home immediately after school to do homework, holiday is also.相关的主题文章: