Hongkong will launch a pilot program to help colorectal cancer screening to help 300 thousand people widcomm

Hongkong will launch a pilot program to help Hebei colorectal cancer screening 300 thousand people screened – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong (reporter Li Zhuolong) in September 12, the Department of health of the Hongkong SAR government announced on 12, the end of the month on colorectal cancer screening pilot program, subjects from 1946 to 1955 was born to Hongkong residents, will receive government funding points stage screening. Hope that this 3 year plan, can be screened for colorectal cancer for 300 thousand passengers. 12, Centre for health protection of the Department of Health (Center) held a press conference announced the details of the plan, this is the first implementation of Hong Kong, funded by the government and the operation of public-private cooperation mode type cancer screening program. The first phase of the plan will commence on 28 August, the age group is born between 1948 and 1946. Pilot scheme no participant limit. Participants first accept the advanced, safe and effective and easy to carry out the "fecal immunochemical test"; if the result is positive, the participants will be arranged for colonoscopy, to find the reasons with fecal occult blood. The government will provide substantial support to the participants. Among them, the basic medical doctor arranged for "stool immunochemical test" or follow up the positive results of the diagnosis of the disease, the government will be on a regular basis for the diagnosis of 280 yuan (HK $, the same below). In the range of basic services such as colonoscopy, need to remove the meat? Check can be fixed subsidy of 8500 yuan, no? Meat inspection quota subsidy removal is 7800 yuan. 31 months, more than 210 primary medical doctors have successfully registered to join the program, more than 95% do not charge additional fees. In addition, more than 80 colonoscopy doctors have joined the program, if not removed? Meat, about 70% at no additional cost; for resection in colonoscopy? Meat, about 60% without additional charge. Liang Tingxiong, director of the center, said the older, the greater the chance of suffering from colorectal cancer. Most colorectal cancers are made up of benign meat over ten years or more. The surface of the meat is oozing blood that is invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected by screening. If you find the meat, cut, can be avoided?. Cheng Zhuoduan, director of the center for monitoring and epidemiology, hope that the pilot program can be screened for 300 thousand people. An estimated 10 thousand people for colonoscopy, or to find more than 300 people suffering from colorectal cancer, also may find more than 4 thousand people early or late meat?. In Hongkong, colorectal cancer is the most common cancer, new cases of colorectal cancer in 2013 4769 cases, accounting for 16.5% of new cases of cancer, namely every 6 new cancer patients have a risk of colorectal cancer; death case, 2014 recorded a total of 2304 people died of colorectal cancer and 14.7% cancer deaths accounted for. That is, each of the 7 cancer dead one is suffering from colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the second most common fatal cancer in Hongkong, second only to lung cancer. (end)相关的主题文章: