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How Stella Bay, although the name of soil, scenery lore, 360 degree dead! Sohu (Xinjiang Tourism Wen Ke Er Thule car Inner Mongolia road with thirteen) from July 4th to 20, the car ran in eastern Inner Mongolia, Hulun Buir, Xingan Meng, Tongliao, Chifeng, Xilinguole Meng to the central region of Wulanchabu, the whole 4000+ km. Since the beginning of July 22nd in North West Road car: from Hohhot all the way west to the west of Inner Mongolia, Baotou, Bayannaoer, Wuhai, Alashan Ordos six Union City, which lasted 9 days, the entire 2297 km. In July 22nd, drove 180+ kilometers from downtown Hohhot (city) take unilateral, Hu Shuo (Shanxi Shuozhou) high speed (S29), Helingeer county (city), then call the North (Guangxi Beihai) line (G209), to visit the Qingshui River County Stella Bay area, the evening return to Hohhot to continue to stay Tianjun hotel the opening ceremony is convenient to attend the second day of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region festival. As we drive away from Hohhot G209 national highway, 172 kilometers, the whole road is great, but half the distance in the Loess Plateau winds, a lot of bending. Along the way, although in Inner Mongolia, but seemingly crossed to the Northern Shaanxi Yanan, skull head immediately think: "I live in the Loess Plateau, the wind blows onto the slopes……" Melody, only, still have the wind slope, wood cave, meet the eye everywhere. One of the most beautiful China laoniuwan, ten grand canyon, located in Inner Mongolia province Shanxi two river estuary into the the Yellow River Yang Chuan gou. The ditch is soil erosion, bare rock and narrow deep ravines, dry seasons, rain is in flood. Since ancient times, become the Central Plains farming and nomadic areas beyond the natural boundaries. The Ming dynasty built along the ditch bank of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, the ups and downs stretches to laoniuwan. Laoniuwan fame, thanks to it in Wanjiazhai Water 15 kilometers upstream. Wanjiazhai dam, Biede tens of kilometers upstream of the Yellow River water up to 100 meters, Yang Chuan Gou homeopathy was part of intrusion, become the Inner Mongolia plateau and the loess plateau at high gorge Pinghu molecules. From aerial view, Stella Bay on the eastern side, Yang Jiachuan Canyon broken stone, the bank will cut nearly 100 meters deep under the cliff, and then joined up with the Yellow River, Yang Jiachuan River Canyon warrants bending. And on the west side of the Yellow River, also cut River, and around an elegant slow Bay, the two river was very shapely, like two horns like hanging in the villages on both sides, like a cow is countercurrent upward. How Stella, the name seems boorish, but in Chinese territory, it is probably the most cattle names: Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, the two are called laoniuwan, as the development of the scenic spot, is to show the difference, Inner Mongolia called Qingshui River laoniuwan, Shanxi is called Panguan laoniuwan. Of course, and next to the old cow Bay, on the west coast of the Yellow River and Inner Mongolia Ordos Zhungeer Qi, but in Zhungeer Qi, Erdos plateau, he can give laoniuwan scenic building blocks, only the west coast of the Yellow River in an unbroken line the lofty cliffs. Here, an interesting phenomenon is that a Yang Chuan Gou, both belong to two separate villages, also called laoniuwan village. Two village people, accent, dress, customs, exactly the same,.相关的主题文章: