How To Increase Your Height Now – Should You Get Surgery Or

Health Being tall in stature is something that is considered as a sought-after attribute and those that are short are willing to try anything just to add a few inches to their height. There are many different ways that people can use to get taller. The best methods are natural and holistic for example ensuring good nourishment, sleeping properly, breathing the correct way and doing stretching exercises. If you are one of the many short people that wants to get taller you might have been considering surgery to make you taller. Though surgical operation is one option for increasing height, this process is least recommended. There are two major reasons for this. One reason is that it is extremely expensive and the other reason is the extensive hospital stay. The post operative recovery period could extend even up to several months and staying in medical facility for such long periods is definitely impractical. Surgery to make you taller is not covered under most insurance plans as it is elective cosmetic surgery. This type of surgery is so painful that medical facilities performing it necessitate that you undergo a psychological evaluation to study whether you are strong enough to handle the pain and the long recovery time. Though surgery to make you taller might help by adding a few inches, the psychological stress, extreme pain and the expenses that come with it often discourages a person from choosing it. In medical terms, the surgery treatment which is used to make people taller is called distraction osteogenesis. This surgical treatment is used to elongate the long bones of the body. The bone is fractured into two pieces and the pieces are moved apart to allow new bone to develop within the gap. There are many risks and complications related to this surgical procedure and it could even lead to formation of ugly scars. Surgery to make you taller can cost as much as $20,000 not including the lengthy hospital stay which is compulsory. Most doctors consider surgery to make you taller as a bad idea and they discourage people from opting for it. One, they wouldn’t like to break a perfectly functioning healthy limb. Secondly, they think that moving around in wheelchair and crutches for over a year to be totally pointless. Third, they don’t want you to have to go through extreme pain and a long period of recovery for a needless cosmetic procedure. Lastly, the doctor does not want you to be exposed to the dangers of nerve damage, severe infections and embolisms leading to death which this surgery entails. So most medical facilities recommend the candidate to undergo psychological evaluation and counseling to make certain that he or she is mentally prepared to bear the stress and pain involved in this procedure. Surgery to make you taller is a cosmetic treatment which is painful, expensive and takes a very long time to recover from. Do yourself a favor and increase your height by using holistic methods that are safe and natural. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: