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Hu Angang: Taiwan a person with breadth of vision very good reading "13th Five-Year" plan – the news agency of the new network in November 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Shuling) pointed out that the well-known economist, Tsinghua University National Research Institute president Hu Angang in Beijing in November 2nd to attend the cross-strait peace development forum, China, may from the industrial era into the leading modern service industry oriented era Taiwan should be very good at reading a person with breadth of vision to the innovation driven development strategy as the core of the "13th Five-Year" plan, the mainland’s chance to become their own opportunities. On the day of the Forum on the new economic development and cross-strait cooperation seminar, Hu Angang for the two sides of the business sector analysis of the future trend of China’s economic development and strategy. He pointed out that since the beginning of the new century, the industrialization of the continent is accelerating, in a number of important indicators have been achieved in advance in 2002, the sixteen major Communist Party of China, the basic realization of the industrialization of the strategic objectives in 2020. For example, GDP, the proportion of agricultural employment, per capita GDP, urbanization rate, etc.. The mainland now has the characteristics of the post industrialization stage, it is possible to enter the era of modern service industry. Specific analysis, Hu Angang stressed that, first, the service industry has become the first mainland engine of economic growth, service industry last year’s contribution to the economic growth rate of 54%, the first three quarters of this year has reached 58%, or in the future growth of 60% from the service sector. Secondly, the service industry has become the largest channel for mainland China to create employment in particular. Estimated employment services from 2015 328 million to 2020 growth over 400 million people. In this sense, mainland China has created opportunities. Hu Angang pointed out that in 2000 there is a special study, the theme of the digital divide facing the continent. But today, the Chinese mainland has been released in the digital dividend, which he and his colleagues did not expect. He said that the next era of competition, the key is who has a larger number of users. 2015, according to the number of Internet users in the mainland, the number of mobile phone users to calculate the size of the information resources has exceeded the United States; the next 15 years, will usher in further enhance the strength of science and technology, the potential to play out. Hu Angang pointed out that from 13th Five-Year, the strategic planning of understanding. This made lots of research, through long-term planning, its core is the innovation driven development strategy, 23 types of 165 major projects for the first time defined; for example, the high-speed rail project, the world’s largest investment scale, the level of technology and design, covering a wide area and population. Faced with the business community in Taiwan, he stressed that these 165 major projects are opportunities, the key lies in Taiwan people can read well, the opportunity to become your own opportunities in the mainland. Two weeks ago from South Korea trip, Hu Angang said with feeling, local business slogan, namely Chinese market and South Korea is the market opportunity and opportunity, Chinese project must participate in Taiwan business; we should also be aware that this will be a large scale development history has never been. (end)相关的主题文章: