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Huang Bowen Alan high God Jiangong Hengda 3-0 China 4 round victory comments – Sohu sports highlights – Super long-range Alan Huang Bowen high God 0-3 Hengda Hengda 3-0 Huaxia Huaxia Jiangong break Huang Bowen clap teammates celebrate the September 10th Beijing time 19:352016 Super League twenty-fourth round of fighting. The Olympic Sports Center in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Huaxia happiness 0-3 against Guangzhou Evergrande, suffered four victorious. The end of the League Hengda three rounds extremely (domestic double four matches), in the case of a game leading second in the standings Suning 9 points. The first half, Huang Bowen and Alan with two cities; easy side battles, Hengda completed a textbook by the GalAT team back break, scored the ball before the end, Alan to leave the wounded. During the international break, Hengda 9 players received a call from the national team, including Zhang Lin, Li Xuepeng, Feng Xiaoting?, Huang Bowen, Zeng Cheng and Paulinho, 6 players have experienced two games a week test, but also pay the CengCheng Hengda season of huge price. The Chinese happiness in the international match day only Jiang Ning and Haifeng Ding has been called up for the national team, but the two did not get the opportunity to play. Before the break, the situation is not ideal, Hengda League encounter three rounds extremely, double four victories, on the return of Lippi rumors rampant; and at the beginning of the season as the rival of the pursuer — China happiness nearly 10 wheel only got poor 1 wins, the standings behind Hengda 15 points, even the competition qualification for next season AFC Champions League hopes are not optimistic. In order to reverse the decline, Real Madrid, Manchester City Huaxia happiness hired former coach Pellegrini coach, but the Pellegrini just sitting on the podium watching. First half of this season, Hengda in the home court 2-0 to beat. At the beginning of the game, Hengda initiative turn from a guest into a host. Fifth minutes, GalAT right and his teammates hit the ball in the match after delivery to the back, outflanking Alan hit the door was blocked by a defender and the bottom line. Twelfth minutes, Gao Lin tactical foul on mbia, Cameroon people to eat the first yellow card. Subsequently, Paulinho shot lift the ball, the ball slip out of the strange arc after slightly higher than the beam. Nineteenth minutes, Zhang Lin right? Her biography, Alan could not stop the strike but just form a assists Huang Bowen to follow up the goal area in front of the upper left corner shot hit, Hengda in the road leading 1-0! And this is the first goal of the super yellow text season super league. Twenty-fifth minutes, Luo Senwen outside shots, not been able to test the League for the first time on behalf of Hengda appearance of Liu Dianzuo. Subsequently, Paulinho from mbia behind their trip, the Brazil international has been booked. Twenty-sixth minutes, the ball through the GalAT midfielder sent straight plug, Gao Lin left the restricted area to get the ball, followed by a small angle hit the door but could not force the ball is Yang Cheng obtained. To adapt to the rhythm of the opponent back to start the happiness of china. Twenty-ninth minutes, the ball outside the area wide, Hengda players failed to timely forward interference, but calmly Kakuta her long-range deflection. Then, the right oblique plug Kakuta area, small angle Alois Theo hit the door has not been able to test the Liu Dianzuo. Thirty-fourth minutes, Liao Junjian throw throw, Luo Senwen.相关的主题文章: