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Huang Lei: please do not use their own way to love a child does not require children and "separation" small Sohu recently hit, make a video on micro-blog fire up. We watched the video after the warm response: Mr. Huang, your home is still missing daughter?" Haven’t seen the kitchen can stamp here?? this wonderful video please move to the public, Huang Xiaochu WeChat (huangxiaochu921) to watch Huang Xiaochu daddy’s share not hear enough? Today is Huang Xiaochu’s "exclusive run children heart". Quickly move to the public, Huang Xiaochu WeChat (huangxiaochu921) to listen to the kitchen FM complete audio ~ Huang Xiaochu know you are looking for a progress bar, can’t wait to hear the contents in this! ?? Huang Xiaochu’s daughters – Huang Xiaochu how to look at the "Heart Sutra" own "and" child "relationship we are from a child grow up, but we have a lot of time, after they become adults, most do not love in turn with their original children the way to ask their children. In fact, this is a kind of hypocrisy, or ignorance. This behavior shows no respect for the child, the self distrust, but also on the integrity of life. Because the child is not yours, he has his own independent life. You can’t intimidate him or manage him in a single way. Huang Xiaochu – how to look at the "puppy love" "love" the word is wrong, because love is love, it is just a scale. What happens at what stage. I do not advocate children love in 14, 15 years old, but if he in 14 at the age of 15, I will not go to first awakening interest in the opposite sex, say what you have to dare to love such as "I break your leg" words like oh. Because now the word "love" has become a derogatory term, he said love is equivalent to saying he made a mistake, I think this is a violation of children. My own time in adolescence unsuspectingly, will show to the class of girls love. – Huang Xiaochu’s first love story I first occurred in the third grade of senior high school. My parents knew it. I think my mom was very good, she did not criticize me, nor blame me, wrote a letter to me, told me: "son, I know you love, love the girls in the office. You should take good care of yourself, love each other, do not delay learning." After reading the letter, I feel very guilty, think of mom and dad so trust me, I do not like how to communicate with them directly, but this time had the muddle along without any aim. I was actually still in love, but because of a letter of Ma Ma, but many more comfortable and healthy heart. So I think it’s very important for parents to guide them right. Never mind the first awakening interest in the opposite sex parents, it is important to correctly guide us at a young age, no BB, no mobile phone phone what are not, we write a love letter. I think no matter in what degree and age of technology, writing letters is the best thing for young children. These beautiful things will be the seeds of romance in their lives.相关的主题文章: