HUAWEI 2000 experts to overseas Ren Zhengfei don’t break Kroraina oath not! zznba

HUAWEI 2000 experts to overseas Ren Zhengfei: don’t break Kroraina oath not! Yesterday, HUAWEI held a rally to overseas headquarters in Shenzhen, the 2000 HUAWEI senior research staff and experts will go to overseas to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and other places, to understand customer needs. "HUAWEI missed the voice of the times, the age of data cannot miss the image age", Ren Zhengfei said, "HUAWEI is facing the new era of network has no escape route, the expedition of Kroraina does not break the oath not!" Ren Zhengfei in 2000, HUAWEI’s first overseas expedition swearing in, the slogan was "buried Zhonggu Castle everywhere to die on the battlefield, but also full of tragic.". Now, 16 years later, HUAWEI set off again, shouting slogans: "the river becomes warm in spring ducks, do not break the oath not Kroraina". Do not break the Kroraina end, seven words, this is an extremely elegant and valuable sonorous and forceful, blood cavity, is faith in return. The following is the full text of the speech of Ren Zhengfei: in the time of digital and network transformation of the current industry, we gathered from research 2000 senior experts and cadres went to the battlefield, and tens of thousands of familiar scenes of frontline soldiers, together to form a unit. At the time of opening the window of opportunity, go up, tear it, vertical development, lateral expansion. Our overall strategy, as Xu Zhijun said at the Frankfurt broadband conference, do more connection, support large pipeline". We missed the voice of the era, the era of data, the world’s strategic heights we do not occupy, we can not miss the image of the times. We don’t like in the past, in the recruitment of new staff training into the battlefield, such as 3~5 when they mature, this window has been ajar, we have lost a highland, cloud era occupation image opportunity. Therefore, we direct the selection of short time, senior experts have 15~20 years experience in R & D and senior cadres into the battlefield, for their technical understanding deeply, together with the front-line soldiers battlefield command, will win. Like swearing, I was impressed, and in 2000 the soldiers off to Wuzhou Hotel conference. Castle everywhere buried Zhonggu slogans to die on the battlefield, but also ", filled with a solemn, in fact we did not even damascus. In order to prove the identity, we need the world market success, in the full understanding of the world, entered the "Wuzhou four ocean", was still fighting in africa……. The wind blows strongly. in the foreign exchange control of the Yi River is so cold, that time, often our employees not to brush the dilemma in McDonald’s. There is a small book "on the record" in a hail of bullets to grow a generation of hardships. Today can reach $about 80000000000 in sales revenue, into the number of people’s youth, sweat and life. Today we are successful, do not forget the people who fought together. Don’t forget the public or private, or because the people sacrificed their lives. We have a lot of land today, we can find a way to commemorate them. Today we are the warriors and the war, we have 170 countries armed to the teeth of iron team, our process has been able to support IT to individual combat. Every year I.相关的主题文章: