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Huizhou airport opened in Nanning, Ji’nan route – Huizhou, November (Xinhua Feng Huiling) Guangdong, Huizhou airport to Nanning and Ji’nan Route 2 official navigation on the 2 day of the year. Huizhou airport is a military and civilian airport, since February 5, 2015 to restart the civil aviation routes, has opened 11 routes, navigable City, the introduction of 8 airlines. 9:15 in the morning, the northern Gulf Airlines plane from Nanning landed smoothly in Guangdong Huizhou airport, 10:22, the plane from Huizhou airport to Ji’nan, marking the Huizhou from Nanning, Ji’nan route officially opened. According to the relevant person in charge of Huizhou airport, Nanning, Ji’nan route from the northern Gulf airlines fly, use A320 type or E190 type, the class schedule for the day. According to reports, the Huizhou airport in 1985 to 2002 was the opening of United Airlines, has opened a period of more than a dozen routes, in 2002, due to policy adjustments for United airlines. Due to the development needs of local Huizhou through the efforts of all parties, finally restart the airline in 13 years. Data show that this year 1 to October, Huizhou airport passenger throughput of nearly 450 thousand passengers, an increase of 52%, of which, Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Chongqing and other routes to maintain long-term guest rate more than 75%, other routes have simultaneously increased; is expected by the end of November, will exceed the design capacity reached 500 thousand passengers. Freight, as of the end of October, Huizhou airport cargo throughput reached 3091 tons, an increase of 191%, products include high-end electronic products, fresh food, flowers, clothing etc.. Huizhou airport, the official also said that the airport with the rapid growth in business volume, in order to improve the protection ability, Huizhou airport expansion project has already started dissecting the terminal, terminal two floor will be reserved dissection of about 1000 square meters for the transformation of passenger terminal, the terminal to expand the total area of nearly 5000 square meters, the new terminal 274 seats the total number of seats to 511. (end)相关的主题文章: