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Hurricane Matthew has caused 264 people were killed in Haiti – International – October 6 Mexico City Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiaobo) Haiti news: Port Au Prince Haiti Civil Defense Department says 6 days, up to now, 4 landed on the country’s death toll of Hurricane Matthew in the country which has risen to 264 people, the number of people affected more than 350 thousand people, seriously affected in some areas, the current search and rescue work is still in progress. Earlier in the day, Haiti’s interior minister Francois? Joseph said at a news conference, due in part to the affected areas to enter and communications, is currently unable to accurately assess the disaster, casualties and property losses could rise further. It is reported that hurricane Matthew is the strongest hurricane since 2007, the Caribbean region, the maximum wind speed of 220 km / h, equivalent to typhoon 17. The hurricane at 4, 5, has landed in Haiti, Cuba and other Caribbean countries, to bring massive destruction of coastal villages. According to earlier reports, in addition to the sea space, the hurricane also caused the Republic of Dominica, 4 people were killed, 1 people were killed by Columbia, Saint Vincent and the grenadines. According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center predicted 6, "Matthew" has been to the United States to promote the east coast of florida. More than 2 million coastal residents in Florida and other States emergency evacuation. (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章: