In 2016, the National Book Award announced that Obama recommended the book and won the prize – Sohu

In 2016 the National Book Award and the Obama Book Prize – Sohu culture channel "March" (March: Book Three) the author — John? Lewis (John Lewis), Andrew Aydin (Andrew Aydin)? Nate and Powell (Nate Powell)?. This year’s youth literature award by John? Lewis (John Lewis), Andrew Aydin (Andrew Aydin) and? Nate? Powell (Nate Powell), they created "March" (March: Book Three). At the awards scene, John shed tears and cried out, "I love books". The Poetry Prize belongs to the poet Daniel Borzutzky (Daniel) and its works "to become a human performance" (The Performance of Becoming Human). Daniel said with emotion: "literature and poetry are the carriers of social and historical memory." In addition, in recognition of American literature ‘lifetime achievement "outstanding contribution award" (Medal of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, DCAL, also translated as "American Literature Award for outstanding contribution") was awarded to the American writer Robert (Robert Caro), Carlo? He wrote a biography "power broker" (The Power Broker), "Layton? The biography of Johnson" (The Years of Lyndon Johnson).相关的主题文章: