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IPhone users do not point this video! The tragedy of iOS equipment in recent years will appear from time to time some annoying bug, for example, click on a link equipment will be stuck, check some information need to restart the device, similar events recently appeared again, but this time the "arch-criminal" is a video. Demonstration of the process of video specifically, if you play this video on the iOS device via Safari, then the device will slowly die, the device will eventually become unresponsive state. From the EverythingApplePro video can be seen, as long as the broadcast of the "special" video, the device will become Caton up and eventually out of control. It is not possible to determine why such a situation occurs, but it was speculated that this video playback and memory leaks caused by the iOS device is difficult to deal with. And it should be noted that, whether it is iOS 10 devices or iOS 5 devices are spared. Fortunately, this is not a serious and difficult to fix the problem, you can simply restart the device can make the device back to normal. For iPhone 7 users, you need to press the power button and volume keys at the same time; for non iPhone 7 users, simply press the power button and the Home key at the same time.相关的主题文章: