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Is not a gimmick worth buying BMW X5 xDrive40e- Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] before a dinner with a friend that he bought a BMW 530Le, which is 5 Series plug-in hybrid. At that time, in addition to secretly talking about " really rich " outside, also very curious about why he took a 535Li price to buy a 530Le? The reason is very simple: I want to buy an electric car, but do not like Tesla, so he bought a plug in the 530Le. BMW 4S store in a friend’s parking charge pile, he usually go to work all pure electric driving, I feel very satisfied. Friends let me feel the plug-in hybrid vehicle is not for the policy to play. Fortunately, I immediately received a BMW X5xDrive40e plug-in hybrid vehicle test invitation. Let me be able to more deeply understand the needs of friends when the original car, as well as the positioning of these high-end plug-in hybrid PHEV models. In the beginning before the test, I need to first and then we go a few words: we still remember the May BMW in Beijing held the 798 Centennial Exhibition? In addition to the concept car cool, BMW also launched iPerformance. What is iPerformance? After all, BMW now has new energy sub brand I, and launched I3 and I8, while BMW main brand of the models, will also launch a plug-in hybrid version, such as a friend to buy 530Le, today we test X540e, the upcoming Le and X1 plug-in hybrid. They all belong to iPerformance. At the same time, most of the essence of BMW sports M sub brand, in addition to M2, M3 and other models, the main brand also has MPerformance models, such as M235i, etc.. The BMW X540e drive, and not a traditional paper models of products of activities, it is the beginning of BMW at the Chengdu auto show during a series of new energy activities. We will also pass X540e test drive experience to share, BMW for the development of new energy future understanding. Meanwhile, E electric park will also continue to report a series of new energy activities BMW. According to the inherent thinking, plug-in hybrid price is certainly expensive, the price is not high, so the fact that it? As mentioned at the beginning, if not in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, such as the purchase of plug-in hybrid models can get the license plate of the city, you will seriously consider to buy a plug-in hybrid models do? Many people will think that is too expensive, the price is not high, the money is much more expensive than the oil money saved a lot. So I’ll take a look at what the price of X540e in the interval. X540e official price of 928 thousand yuan. Price is just in the middle of the price of X5 35i. But through the configuration comparison, its rich degree has pressed the price of 958 thousand yuan of 35i luxury, and the power is also more fuel-efficient. This time相关的主题文章: