It’s really not far away! Silver soul movie has all finished

It’s really not far away! "Silver soul" the movie has been fixing "silver soul" is a Japanese manga comics serialized in the Solachi Eiaki’s works, is the SF era drama genre and the creation of the comic, is also the first cartoonist Solachi Eiaki serial works. With its unique style and plot, cartoon has become one of the few popular historical Tucao popular works in the comics industry. And starring Shun Oguri "silver soul" movie today (September 9th) all fixing. "Silver soul" is a movie directed by Fukuda Yuichi, starring Shun Oguri, slated for release in 2017. Earlier there was news that Bantian Silver Star Shun Oguri scenes have all finished filming, today came news that the "silver soul" the movie has been finished. And Solachi Eiaki, an orangutan who originally said "Masami Nagasawa is not going to go," also visited the filming site. Futian and director talked happily. In view of this, "silver soul" the movie is not far away from us. Let’s take a look at what netizens think about film fixing. "I thought it would be" lifetime "series, I did not expect so soon finished." "I’m really looking forward to it."! Don’t ruin my views." "The gorilla looks so proud."." "Is this a self portrait of an empty gorilla? Funny." "Gorilla power" comes with code." "There are many movies that can be seen next year, although they are overseas." "Silver soul" tells a story about offbeat. At the end of the Edo period, an alien star called "heaven and man" was struck. Between earth and heaven war broke out immediately, a large number of warriors and the top school in Chester joined the fighting with nature. After seeing the strong power of heaven and man, the shogunate signed treaties of unequal treaties with heaven and man, allowing them to enter the country. Later, he issued a "scrap knife order", which took the sword of the samurai. Since then, heaven run amuck to become the "puppet regime, the shogunate". In such an era, there is a warrior and companion enjoying a fantastic life.

真的不远了!《银魂》真人版电影已全部杀青《银魂》是日本漫画家空知英秋的连载中的少年漫画作品,是以SF时代剧为体裁而创作的漫画,也是漫画家空知英秋的首部连载作品。漫画凭借着其独特的画风和剧情,一举成为了漫画界中少见的热血历史吐槽人气作品。而由小栗旬主演的《银魂》真人版电影今日(9月9日)全部杀青。 《银魂》真人版电影是由福田雄一执导,小栗旬主演,计划于2017年上映。早前就有消息说坂田银时的饰演者小栗旬的戏份已经全部拍摄完毕,今天又传出消息称《银魂》真人版电影已经全部杀青了。而且原本表示“长泽雅美不在就不会去” 的猩猩空知英秋,也造访了拍摄现场。并且与福田导演谈笑甚欢。如此看来,《银魂》真人版电影的确离我们不远了。 我们来看看网友们对电影杀青的看法吧。“本以为会是‘有生之年’系列,没想到这么快就杀青了。”“真的很期待啊!千万不要毁我三观。”“大猩猩好骄傲的样子呀。”“这是空知大猩猩的自画像吗?好搞笑。”“大猩猩实力自带打码。”“明年能看的电影好多啊,虽然都是海外。” 《银魂》讲述了一个关于另类武士的故事。江户时代末期,被称为“天人”的异星人来袭。地球人与天人之间的战争瞬即爆发,为数众多的武士和攘夷派志士都加入了与天人的战斗。幕府见识到天人强大的实力后,擅自与天人签订不平等条约,准许他们入国。其后更颁布了“废刀令”,夺走了武士的刀。自此,天人横行霸道,幕府成为了“傀儡政权”。在这样的时代,有一个武士与同伴愉快地过着异想天开的生活。相关的主题文章: