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Junior girls were slapped 30 turns: tell her what is called the Black Society — Beijing channel — people.com.cn original title: Junior girls were slapped: 30 people take turns to tell her what is called the black society Beijing high school junior girl Mary (a pseudonym) when taking pictures to take the high school girls if (a pseudonym). Figure, after deleting photos and apologize, if Mary was gathered to more than and 30 people took turns slapped. Yesterday, Haidian court announced the verdict, the batterer Liu, Wu Jia, 3 people were found guilty of affray and sentenced to imprisonment for 8 months, 6 months and 7 months. The third day of the girls were surrounded by a slap in the face on April 18, 2015, the Internet triggered a high degree of social concern video. Video display, a man wearing a Beijing school uniforms by other girls, girls and boys wearing uniforms constantly slapped, mingled with the middle voice, "don’t fan here, here is swollen, the other side fan", "tell her what is called the black society." It is understood that the incident was only 15 years old mary. According to the school a high school boys said afterwards, about a few days ago, the girls were playing outside school Mary mobile phone to capture him, accidentally a girl if the snap into the mirror, the two sides of conflict, "she then delete the photos, also apologized, but no." At a place not far from the school, at that time a total of more than 30 students will be surrounded by Mary, "in the beginning was a school student to slap a slap in the face, then proposed one fan boys adding the trimmings, two." The boy said, the last five or six girls took turns, everyone is a fan of two slap, also "kick the chest", in the whole process, Mary always say sorry. A 3 dozen students were each sentenced according to the Haidian court said, the incident occurred in April 16, 2015 17 PM, at the nearby ocean hall on the north side of the Royal Palace, beat Mary girl and boy Liu, Wu Jia, is 18 years old. In April 18, 2015, the police call, 3 people voluntarily surrender. 3 people and some minor co-workers through economic compensation, apology and other forms, the understanding of mary. Haidian court held that, because the case occurred in the vicinity of the campus, is a typical case of campus violence. After the incident, some of the video was uploaded to the Internet, causing widespread concern in the community on campus violence cases. 3 unprovoked assault of minors, vile, their behavior had constituted the crime of affray. Considering that 3 people have surrendered, understanding and other circumstances, combined with their respective cases in the role, finally sentenced Liu, Wu Jia, a term of imprisonment of 8 months, 6 months and 7 months. Proposal calls for education from the source to prevent school violence in Haidian court held that the case for minor students between trivial disputes, but the two sides did not take a proper way to deal with conflicts, but take extreme approach, resulting in the escalation of conflicts, the adverse effects of the campus violence case. It is understood that the Haidian court with a large number of primary and secondary schools to explore the campus violence prevention mechanism. The court held that the campus violence lvjinbujue, mainly because of the lack of parents children to childhood behavior.)相关的主题文章: