Juntong to the puppet regime of what intelligence and assassination dingxiangwuyuetian

Juntong to the puppet regime of what intelligence and assassination? [Abstract] Wang Jingwei angry, in November 19, 1940 personally ordered Huang Yiguang and Huang Zhengfu arrested. The morning of December 17, 1940 8, Huang Yiguang and Shao Mingxian, was shot in Nanjing Yuhuatai arena. Dai Li during the Anti Japanese War, the Kuomintang juntong Nanjing area as the core figures against the puppet regime in Nanjing, planning to implement multiple assassination and intelligence activities. Two Shang Zhensheng was arrested, the money Xinmin spring of 1940, the Department of Nanjing District Chongqing juntong appointed Shao Mingxian as head of the juntong. Shao Mingxian came to Shanghai in the winter of 1939, using its relationship with Mei Siping, was appointed to the Nanjing Metropolitan Police Department pseudo inspector, director of the central party soon transferred to the pseudo office. Shao Mingxian collected in Nanjing secret intelligence organization, development, set up a secret radio in the puppet central office official in contact with Chongqing juntong. Soon, Shao Mingxian received the command to the military, he held in the "puppet government minister Memorial week" or a large banquet, the assassination of Wang Jingwei and other pseudo government officials, Shao Mingxian also made active preparations. But because of his radio waves are puppet agent monitoring notice, led him and juntong Shanghai correspondent Qian Xinmin, vice mayor of Nanjing Shang Zhensheng and others have been arrested. In December 17, 1940, Shao Mingxian was shot to death in Yuhuatai. While the money promised juntong spy Xinmin "is still repent and start anew, Zhensheng Zhou Fohai secured the release of. Later, two people by the puppet government police hiring authorities. Qian Xinmin and vice mayor Shang Zhensheng and others were employed in the puppet government were released, and secret and Chongqing juntong contact. Qian Xinmin continued in Shanghai "76 agents headquarters" is still lurking, as Wang Zhensheng Weizhu Nanjing seventh independent Brigade (brigadier Zhang Ruijing) chief of staff, have met with Wang Jingwei. Shang Zhensheng placed his past men Xu Weiyin and more than ten people in the brigade, the brigade in Wang Jingwei and planning to visit, by Xu Weiyin marksmanship accurate shot to kill him. But because of the Chongqing juntong headquarters remitted to Shang Zhensheng a sum of money by the Japanese spy agencies intercepted, led to a puppet doubt. The evening of November 8, 1941, Shang Zhensheng and their subordinates Xu Weiyin et al in Nanjing was arrested again, and moved and Shanghai puppet spy headquarters. On the morning of January 8, 1942, Shang Zhensheng and another potential activities in Shanghai juntong personnel Ping Zuren, was shot dead in West Shanghai execution. Prior to this, the new king was also killed in Shanghai. "Wang Jingwei will be ready to hand strangle Huang Yiguang during the summer and autumn of 1940, Huang Yiguang, Huang juntong sent agents to Nanjing Zhengfu plot to assassinate Wang Jingwei. Huang Yiguang was born in Guangdong Chi Xi, who lives in Mexico, he learned a strong physique, coarse arm force, as early as 1925, had friendly hiking around the world gather in Paris, the welcome meeting met with Wang Jingwei, and a photo. At the beginning of 1938, he is traveling in Africa, I heard the Japanese captured Nanjing, then back to the motherland, see Wang Jingwei again in Wuhan, and after Wang Jingwei introduced to the Kunming aviation school training, Chinese joined the air force, becoming a pilot. The defection of Wang Jingwei organization in Nanjing puppet government, eager to attract talent, then let his brother-in-law Chen Huizu to you.相关的主题文章: