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Arts-and-Entertainment Key West hotel deals offer a traveler a great way to explore Key West and the amazing attractions this city has to offer. In 1521, Juan Ponce De Leon visited this area and claimed it for Spain. In 1763, Britain took control over the land and was eventually returned to Spain in 1783. On March 25, 1822, Mathew C. Perry claimed the land for the United States by putting a United States flag into Key West land. The economy of Key West is mainly based on its port, tropical climate, fishing spots and scenic beauty. Key West has construction, retail trade, entertainment, and hospitality industries which contribute a large amount to Key Wests annual revenue. Tourism is also very important to Key Wests economy as many artists, musicians, couples, fisherman and families .e here every year for the citys magnificent and inspiring scenic views and great fishing spots. Key West draws in large crowds of tourists every year who .e to see and experience Key West culture, art, dance and theatre. The Pigeon Key Art Festival is held annually and a great place to .e to see some really inspiring art. Key West hotel deals will help you enjoy every aspect of the great city and more in a relaxing and affordable way. Key West has many art galleries including popular galleries such as Archeo Gallery, American Royal Arts, Fort Ease Martello Museum and Gallery, Gallery Key West and Key West Art Center. These museums house many fine arts. Some such as the American Royal Arts houses a Rock And Roll art gallery with selective artworks of famous music bands and musicians such as Elis, Sinatra, Beatles and Stones. The Key West Symphony Orchestra draws in leading classical musicians in every year from all over the United States and usually has up to three sold-out concerts annually. Many tourists .e to Key West to swim with the dolphins in Key Wests magnificent waters. There are key dolphins spots and Dolphin World can help you swim with them. The Key West aquarium is also a great place to visit during your vacation. The aquarium houses over 100 species of marine life and the children can even feed the marine animals daily. The Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center is also another fantastic aquarium to visit. The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a magnificent place to visit and enjoy the captivating essence of nature with 50 different species of butterfly and unique vegetation. There are a number of luxury hotels in Key West that can facilitate your ac.modation and help you get a good nights rest. Amongst the top hotels are Santa Maria Suites, Parrot Key Hotel and Resort, The Westin Sunset Key Guest Cottages, Pier House Resort And Caribbean Spa, The Westin Key West Resort And Marina, Marquesa Hotel and the Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel. These hotels offer amenities such as pools, gyms, spas and restaurants. They also offer customer service, customer information, travel guides and transportation. Key West hotel deals are a great way to experience the true thrill of Key West. The most important part of planning any trip is to find the best deals on hotels and attractions. The inter. is a gateway to a huge selection of deals that any enthusiastic traveler can opt to take and not only make their trip enjoyable but affordable too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: