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Babies-Toddler Kids toys are the best friends of all children. Play is an essential joy of childhood and also very important for a child’s development as it helps the kids understand themselves, their environment and people around them. Parents should watch their children playing with different toys not only to determine their skill levels and favourite activities but also to ensure safe and fun playtime. Kids toys serve multiple purposes for children as they also learn while playing with them. Kids toys are very important for kids while during their growing up years as they learn about the world around them. Apart from providing entertainment, kids toys help kids in learning how to identify objects and humans, develop cause and effect relationships, solve problems, exercise their minds and bodies and practice various skills. Most kids toys .e with a specific age range marked on them specifying the age range of children, they are best suited for. Playing with kids toys meant for an older child can even cause harm to the development of a younger child. Use of kids toys with small parts should be avoided so as to minimize the risk of them being swallowed or inhaled by the kids. Certain kids toys are perceived to be more desired and accepted by one gender than the other. A very .mon example can be seen in cases where a female child prefers playing with a barbie doll and a male child on the other hand, desires to play with a GI Joe. A wide range of kids toys are available in market, out of which selecting the most suitable ones for their kids could very well be a challenging task for any parents. From safety concerns to a child’s ability and liking, parents have to keep in mind a several factors while making choices of kids toys for their kids. Making your children play with a broad variety of kids toys is a good way to help them develop to their maximum potential. Not all children enjoy the same kinds of playing activities. If a child is more interested in building with blocks or working out puzzles, another may prefer riding bikes or playing with a ball. As such, parents are advised to match the kids toys to their child’s liking and keep in mind that his or her interest in a kid toy will often carry through more than one age group. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: