Kim Jeong-eun talks about launching long range rockets more, faster, more fun

Kim Jeong-eun talks about launching long range rockets: more, faster, more pleasant headlines: Kim Jeong-eun talks about launching long-range rockets: more! Faster! More enjoyable! [central network daily reporter Wei Yue] South Korea "Central Daily" quoted KCNA February 19 Daily said, the top Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun on long-range rocket said, to more, faster, more happy launch. It is reported that this is Kim Jeong-eun in grant rocket related personnel medal ceremony, North Korea since 7 this month to launch a long-range rocket "bright star No. 4 days after the promotional activities. Reported that the awarding ceremony in Pyongyang on 17 Mansudae assembly hall, Kim Jeong-eun attended the meeting and said in the message, in the scientific study of the universe and the satellite launch field, to continue to achieve international trust and strengthen cooperation. According to the 5 year plan of Korean cosmic cause, the development of North Korea’s universe should be carried out more forcefully. Previously, the WPK Central Committee on 13 for the successful launch of "bright star No. 4 to make contributions to scientific and technological workers, workers and cadres held a grand celebration banquet, Kim Jeong-eun attended the meeting and said in the message, I hope you have success today as a springboard to win even greater victories, and actively participate in the capture of a higher goal of scientific research work and continue to launch more satellites. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

金正恩谈发射远程火箭:要更多 更快 更痛快   原标题:金正恩谈发射远程火箭:要更多!更快!更痛快!   【环球网报道 记者 魏悦】韩国《中央日报》援引朝中社2月19日报道称,朝鲜最高领导人金正恩就远程火箭一事表示,要更多、更快、更痛快的发射。   据悉,这是金正恩在授予发射火箭相关人员勋章仪式上的讲话,朝鲜自本月7日发射远程火箭“光明星4号”后连日举办宣传活动。   报道称,授予仪式17日在平壤万寿台议事堂举行,金正恩出席并在贺词中表示,在宇宙科学研究和卫星发射领域,要不断取得国际信赖,强化合作。根据朝鲜宇宙事业5年规划,朝鲜宇宙开发事业要抓紧更有力的进行。   此前,朝鲜劳动党中央委员会13日为成功发射“光明星4号”做出贡献的科技工作者、工人和干部隆重举行庆祝宴会,金正恩出席并在贺词中表示,希望你们把今天的成功当做夺取更大胜利的跳板,积极投身于攻占更高目标的科研工作,继续发射更多应用卫星。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: