Laosong Taiwan specialty restaurant chain Shanghai welcome two new stores and Sohu 3edyy

LAOSONG Taiwan specialty restaurant chain Shanghai welcome two new stores and Sohu in November 8, 2016, Shanghai was mentioned Taiwan delicacy mind first emerged, it should be Rice with Stewed Pork, there are various kinds of snacks, today you know Taiwan is a delicacy LAOSONG brand, and strive to be the authentic Taiwan delicacy convenient to bring the customer the restaurant chain. November 08 am, located in the century park next to the LAOSONG Jin Yan shop and located in the Golden Bridge LAOSONG gold shop opened at the same time, once again expand the influence of the brand LAOSONG in Shanghai. LAOSONG Taiwan catering chain stores now in the major city opened, visited and located in the city of Shanghai financial landmark – Lujiazui Century Financial Square LAOSONG brand headquarters ushered in the star, a full of delicious delicacy. In addition to the exquisite delicacy in Taiwan, had mentioned a while ago brush my circle of friends super run car delivery activities, it is planned by the LAOSONG brand, for users to bring infinite scream in taste delicacies. But to have such a number of super luxury cars run, LAOSONG brand strength should not be underestimated. LAOSONG features of Taiwan restaurant chain brand operating officer Mr. Song Wenqing at the opening ceremony, the company within a year to put the brand strategic deployment in the catering industry parties accepted the reporter’s visit. Reporter: Hello, song total, why your company will spend a year to spend heavily to build the brand LAOSONG, while entering the food and beverage industry? Song: first of all, we are not suddenly into the food and beverage industry, as the saying goes to fight no battle group through the early market research and preparation for a few years, the most important is that we have a 14 year catering management and operation of the team as a solid backing of the brand. Reporter: I heard that your company will open 20 stores in Shanghai this year, the news is true? This rapid expansion will not be at risk? Song: Yes, we currently have 3 stores have been opened, while there are 8 stores are being renovated, is expected to be opened in 11~12 months. The risk of the absolute don’t worry, we will do a good job of risk assessment in the stores prior to the construction, we believe that our brand concept and product advantages, currently has business stores feedback is also very good, we are very confident of LAOSONG brand. Note: the two stores opened regional distribution as far as I know today is completely different, Mianyan belongs to the high-end shops around the business district, the flow of people is relatively large, the gold shop location is relatively, why choose gold shop in this position? Song: this question is difficult to answer, because our meals LAOSONG widely applicable crowd, in the gold shop also has a lot of customers will choose our gold shop, the first day of trial operation has 38 single, second single day increased to 55, third days and 75 single…… so far, daily orders are increasing. This is the market for our products. Reporter: just tasted LAOSONG meals, although only lunch but feel non.相关的主题文章: