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Leaders received red envelopes 4800 yuan will be 3200 yuan of subsidies were removed from the Beijing – "thought the small amount of money, and give you a payment of ‘overtime’, what should be no problem, I did not expect a moment of luck but got punishment, really confused!" About accepting illegal acts as a "red envelope" overtime fee, the former director of the Jiangxi province Pingxiang city Anyuan district public resources trading center and Chen Ying too late to regret. At the beginning of July this year, Anyuan District Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses, reflecting the public resources trading center director Chen Heying accepting service object "red envelopes" problem. District Commission for Discipline Inspection to reflect clues to verify. The investigation, from February to June this year, Chen Ying and director in the area during the period of public resources trading center, has 6 times in the bidding after accepting the Jiangxi XinDa Engineering Cost Consulting Co. Ltd. Peng Moumou and Xu cash totaling 4800 yuan, and 3200 yuan in the name "overtime" issued to the trading Center staff that’s a profit of $1600, resulting in adverse social impact. In July 8th, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee decided to give Chen Ying and party warning, the proceeds of their discipline and issued "overtime" turned over to the district finance, and instructed the District Public Administration Bureau in accordance with the cadre management authority from the director of the Chen Heying public resources trading Center office. (Zhou Peng Xie dome?) [] said to subordinate discipline and issued the "overtime" by accepting the service object "red envelopes" is absurd, and Chen Ying as Party members and cadres, in carrying out the "red issue special process not only did not take the initiative to hand over, but discipline violations must be severely punished. Anyuan District Commission for Discipline Inspection Huang Qun相关的主题文章: