Liaoyang 15 year old boy alone for 3 years by a loneliness have phonism (video) tianbi

Liaoyang 15 year old boy alone for 3 years by a loneliness has a hallucination, three large tile roofed house, empty courtyard, unable to swallow the instant noodles…… From 12 years old, he lived here for 3 years. Parents in order to earn money to go out to work, the first half of a rare, he is on his own, long closed environment caused by his introverted personality, even to the development of "voices", suffering from a mental illness. The boy Li Hui (a pseudonym) 15 years old this year, the overall feel lost control of their own, in the empty room, seem to hear someone talking to him, I have been not to the point. Originally, more than a year ago, Li Hui left school, he a person guarding the room." When Li Hui was 12 years old, his parents went out to work and seldom went home. He lived in three big house roofed houses and did instant noodles and went to school. He was able to come to himself, so he was often praised for his work". Li Hui lived alone in the evening, the most difficult to work, the work did not mind writing, daze became the only way to resolve loneliness. Later, he said I have often heard people talking to him, "don’t chatter are some school" such words, it did not miss the heart of the book he dropped out of school, the more the more time to still feel afraid. "The child is suffering from hysteria, belongs to psychiatric diseases." Jia Qiumei, director of the psychological clinic of Liaoyang Central Hospital said that children in the long-term closed environment, lack of family care and care, resulting in weak character, and then induced hysteria. "Parents are irreplaceable in children’s hearts."." Jia Qiumei said, in the most critical period of children’s growth, lack of parental care for him, the loss caused to children is irreversible. In the life lesson, the parents lack causes the child to appear the personality flaw, even morbid psychology. Parents should be more in the children’s point of view to consider the problem, while respecting the child’s personality, interest, help him back to the ranks of his peers, to encourage him to express his inner world, open up horizons, back to normal life trajectory. Play mobile phone addiction guy suffering from phonism > > > more news Liaoning entrance fraud verdict: 6 teachers jailed [258 yuan worth of air frost free trial! Scan two-dimensional code below concern, "Liao Wang" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "air cushion cream" understand and participate in the activities, patted gently makeup like nature itself! ]

辽阳15岁男孩独居3年 靠发呆排解寂寞已幻听一个人,三间大瓦房,空落落的院子,无法下咽的方便面……从12岁开始,他在这里持续生活3年。父母为了挣钱外出打工,半年难得一见,他万事靠自己,长期封闭的环境造成他性格内向,竟然发展到“幻听”,患上了心理疾病。男孩李晖(化名)今年15岁,总感觉自己失去了对自己的控制力,在空无一人的房间内,仿佛听到有人在和他说话,唠的都是些不着边际的话。原来,一年多以前,李晖就从学校辍学,“他一个人守着三间房。”在李晖12岁那年,父母外出打工,很少回家,他自己住三间大瓦房,做方便面,上学,这些他都能自己来,因此经常被夸“立事早,懂事”。独居的李晖到了晚间最难挨,作业也没心思写,发呆成了排解寂寞的唯一方法。后来,他说耳畔经常听到有人在和他说话,唠的都是一些“别上学了”等类的话,正没心思念书的他就辍学了,越到静的时候就越感觉到害怕。“这孩子患的是癔症,属于精神科的疾病。”辽阳市中心医院心理门诊的贾秋梅主任称,孩子长期处于封闭的环境中,缺乏家人的关心和呵护,造成懦弱的性格,进而诱发癔症。“父母在孩子的心中不可替代。”贾秋梅称,在孩子人生成长的最关键时期,缺少了父母对他的关爱,给孩子造成的损失是不可逆的。人生课上,父母的缺失致使孩子出现人格缺陷,甚至病态心理。家长应多站在孩子角度考虑问题,同时尊重孩子的人格、兴趣,帮助他回到同龄人的行列中去,鼓励他表达内心世界,开拓视野,回到正常的人生轨迹上来。 玩手机上瘾 小伙患上幻听症 >>>更多新闻辽宁高考舞弊案宣判:6名教师获刑 【价值258元的气垫霜免费试用!扫描下方二维码,关注“大辽网”微信(txdaliao),回复“气垫霜”了解活动并参加,轻轻一拍,底妆浑然天成!】相关的主题文章: