Ma Yunfa more than 2000 words shareholder letter did not mention the price is about to change

Ma Yunfa more than 2000 words: shareholder letter did not mention the price is about to change MA (map) Phoenix Technology News October 13th news, today evening, Alibaba group will convene the annual general meeting in Hongkong, before the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma to shareholders released an open letter. In the letter, Ma made it clear that the next 30 years, the impact of the Internet on all walks of life will be more intense, although e-commerce is the harbinger of change, but also quickly become a new concept, Alibaba will be used as a new data resource, computing as a new technology, leading the new retail, new manufacturing and new financial reform. In nearly 2000 words of shareholder letter, Ma did not talk about the stock price and performance for six months, but focuses on the relationship between Ali and businesses, partners and even social economy. Ma Yun said, in the past two years, the Alibaba to produce a good answer: platform transactions exceeded 3 trillion yuan, the mobile terminal revenue contribution from a single digit surged to 75%, almost every three Chinese there is a buy goods on Ali platform, not only to become the world’s largest retail economy is the world’s largest mobile ecosystem. Economy. Ma Yun wrote, "we are building the infrastructure of future business, including market, payment, logistics, cloud computing and big data; we do not just let the business and Internet connection, but let the business ties with the future efficient business model." Based on this mission, what to do in the future? Future society and future business will face new problems? Ma Yun shared his thoughts. He believes that the Internet is a great technological revolution, the impact of electricity is bound to the same as the arrival of all walks of life, and even more violent than electricity. The next thirty years, as a new energy data, computing as a new technology, will lead to new retail, new financial, new manufacturing changes. Ma Yun said, e-commerce as a harbinger of this change, and not the impact of the traditional industry, it is to grasp and make good use of the Internet technology and ideas, have a adapt to the Internet era business model data. Today, e-commerce itself is rapidly becoming an old concept. The next 30 years, we will face online, offline, logistics data supply chain combined with the new retail industry, pure electricity supplier companies will face enormous challenges. When e-commerce becomes a traditional business, Ali hopes for the future is to create a new economic growth infrastructure. Ma Yun also confirmed in an open letter, globalization is still one of the three major strategies of Alibaba, Alibaba infrastructure provider’s image will be beyond national boundaries. The horse cloud letter dear Alibaba shareholders: This is my second letter, we have been accompanied by two years in the listing trip. On that day, I said to you: "we are not into money, but trust". Two years have passed, the global economy is struggling, pessimism is parallel to hope. Alibaba has also experienced a hitherto unknown tempered and challenges, all everything, never let us forget your trust and our responsibility and commitment. Two years, our team has made a good answer: our fiscal year 2016 platform turnover has crossed the 30 thousand day相关的主题文章: