Mainland Taiwan public toilets wash hands on the table shower users when the bathroom – Sohu news winpm

Mainland tourists Taiwan public toilets wash Taiwan bath users: when their own bathroom – Sohu news pictures from the network reference news network February 2nd Taiwan media reported that users watch, Kenting South Bend beach a toilet, washbasin with 8 banners, write "not careful foot burst", but a group of mainland tourists the boy on the top of the sink at the feet, dangerous acts of people pinched the cold sweat. According to Taiwan’s eastern ETtoday cloud News reported on February 1st, a netizen posted online Lin Wen, criticism, people seem to cannot read traditional characters, wash Taiwan clearly says "do not lift the careful burst", to remind visitors don’t keep your feet up to wash, so as not to bear the weight of the burst. But these tourists didn’t take notice in mind, a seemingly father off land to hold his son on the sink, let his entire people stand on foot rushed, rushed body, outrageous and dangerous behavior. The photos posted online, attracting countless users probably bluntly too exaggerated, "wait until the wash Taiwan falling injuries to know the pain", "really just when their own home bathroom". But there are also netizens think, not minded people everywhere, and from where nothing, no need to enlarge the interpretation, "Taiwanese often have the same ah, why amplification interpret it" and "I want to say a word, why not teach him, told him that a shower can make the body, it is if the collapse danger, will make you hurt."

大陆客台湾公厕洗手台上洗澡 网友:当自家浴室-搜狐新闻 图片来源于网络   参考消息网2月2日报道台媒称,网友直击,垦丁南弯沙滩一间厕所内,洗手台上贴着8字标语,写的是“请勿抬脚小心爆裂”,不过一群大陆游客直接将孩子抱上洗手台冲脚,危险行径让人捏把冷汗。   据台湾东森ETtoday新闻云2月1日报道,一名林姓网友网上贴文,批评大陆人似乎看不懂繁体字,洗手台上清清楚楚的写着“请勿抬脚小心爆裂”,提醒游客千万别把脚抬上去洗,以免承受不了重量爆裂伤人。不过这些游客一点也没把告示放在心上,一名看似父亲的陆客把儿子抱上洗手台,让他整个人站在上面冲脚、冲身体,行为离谱又危险。   照片贴上网,引来无数网友挞伐,直言太夸张,“等到洗手台掉下来受伤了就知道痛了”、“真的很随便当自己家浴室”。   不过也有些网友认为,没公德心的人到处都有,和来自哪里无关,没必要放大解读,“台湾人常常也一样啊,何必放大解读呢”、“我想说一句话,为何不教他,告诉他,有淋浴间可以冲全身,这样做很危险,如果塌下来会使你受伤。”相关的主题文章: