Malaysia confirmed that the procurement of 18 offshore multi mission

Malaysia confirmed to the Chinese purchase 18 ship "offshore multi task ship" Malaysia defense network reported on October 25th, Malaysia will purchase "China offshore multi task ship" (LMS) has been confirmed, Malaysia’s defense minister Hishamuddin confirmed on October 25th, the contract will be signed in November 5th. Malaysia plans to purchase 18 aircraft to replace the LMS, currently serving more than 40 years of gunboats and a fast counter attack craft, September 10th China contractor to submit proposals to the government of Malaysia, the proposal presented in the LMS length of about 70 meters. Malaysia insiders also suggested that China had been purchased to export to the Algeria C82A light frigate. The trial of C82A light frigate "in November 5, 2016, the Ministry of defence and the national defense science and technology industry China administration signed the" offshore multi task ship "(LMS) of the purchase contract, it is important to the end of the month the official visit of prime minister Chinese." Hishammuddin at a party when it comes to the Department of defense. He has no further explanation of the contract, but later in the social media claims that LMS’s procurement means that the Royal Navy of Malaysia "15-to-5" program is advancing. "15-to-5" program is the development of Malaysia’s fleet modernization and localization of the transformation plan, in five stages through the construction of the ship to enhance and use of its industrial capacity. In Malaysia eleventh five year plan, the future will have 12 aircraft fleet "Jeddah" class frigates, and to purchase an additional two Scorpene class submarines, underwater fleet doubled. Malaysia will strive to build most of its ships locally to reduce procurement and maintenance costs. The possibility of the first batch of 2 "offshore multi mission ship" will be built in China, and the rest will be built in Malaysia naval shipyard. The signing of the contract may include the transfer of technology. After the Royal Navy plans to ship 18 orders to replace the original offshore patrol fleet is completed, the Malaysia shipyard may build more domestic LMS. Pakistan to build the "Chinese Aziz Mart" class missile boats also meet the needs of Malaysia, there may be reported to the next phase, probably Malaysia four ship "Clark Samana class missile frigate will have retired.相关的主题文章: