Man more than a dozen girls were arrested for drug abuse kimi wo omou melodi

The man was about more than girls party was arrested for drug abuse – Beijing, more than 10 young and beautiful, fashionable dress, covered luxury girl, very happy in an apartment before, but when the police saw the face of frustration. The day before, the girl was a man about to Beijing East sanhuan a high-grade apartment party drug, 8 girls on the spot urine test was positive for drugs, has been Beijing police detention order. In October 12, 2016 2 in the morning, in the Beijing East sanhuan a high-grade apartment, a man with WeChat about a dozen beautiful young girl to the party girl, after more than 95, tall, fashionable dress, luxury shoes and bags everywhere. However, in the face of police urine, a girl begging. The man is a sitting on the floor, and looking for heart disease, uncomfortable and other excuses to win sympathy for the police. Back to the 7 points that night, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics police drove to the East sanhuan a high-grade apartment, according to an account of pre captured illegal workers, people went to the apartment on the night of drug. According to the police, this apartment is long-term rent, usually no one lives, police entered the apartment to wait in advance. The police entering the apartment of 500 square meters, 5 ecstasy, curling appliances was discovered in more than one room, found a bag of marijuana in the fridge. When the police check, the door came to open the door, just under the plane to reach the middle-aged man ryu. When the police asked Liu to do a urine test, Liu scared slumped on the ground, said his heart ache, but the police found drugs in the body after seeing was exposed, Liu admitted about a few friends here to party, while there is a girl to knock on the door. Then, less than half an hour to six or seven girls, before the door is glad to see the police after a look of frustration, they have been found positive for marijuana, someone was found positive for methamphetamine. The 23 year old Han, just last month cut the eyelid, no swelling. She admits that she is a peripheral woman, she said he was really short of money, I heard that accompany the guests can earn more money to get into drugs. She said, with a higher price of drugs involved, some high half, some times higher. In the police station, Mr. Han also begged the police to let go of their own, she has set a ticket to tomorrow, tomorrow is engaged, both parents have to meet. It is understood that, including Han, including 8 girls have been detained by police in Beijing. Text newspaper reporter Kuang Xiaoying相关的主题文章: