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Manchester City VS Southampton live video – Sohu sports Beijing time on October 23rd 20:30, the new season, the ninth round of the Premier League, Manchester City against Southampton. Aguero’s recent poor state of misfiring, Southampton’s defensive ability is very strong, the week in the Champions League away game lost to Barcelona, Manchester city suffered four extremely urgent rebound. The nature of events: the Premier League ninth round broadcast time: October 23, 2016 Beijing time 22:00 live against Manchester City VS Southampton: analysis of data: Manchester analysis VS Southampton broadcast channel: a video broadcast a live score score score animation broadcast address: prediction of first Manchester (4141): Bravo; Maffei, however, Kolarov, Austrian stones; Phil Nandy Neo; Stryn, de bruyne, Silva, Aguero (433) Nuo Lituo; Southampton: Forster; Marty, fuente and Van Dyk, MacQueen, Luo Meiwu, Hoy Baer; Crathie; Tadic, Austen, Davies record in the history of Southampton city and played 66 times, scoring 90 goals Lost 93 goals, get the results of 22 wins, 19 draws and 25 losses. In the Premier League last season with Southampton in two games, Manchester City home court 3-1 defeat opponents, but lost 2-4 away. In the home game with Southampton, Manchester City took 6 straight streak, the last time to go back to the loss of 2004 years ago in the year of 12. At that time, Keegan led the team home court lost 1-3, Anelka scored the only goal for Manchester City player Jihai Sun played the full game, Chinese. One aspect of the game: Guardiola suffered four weeks in the Champions League away big score lost to Barcelona, Manchester city suffered four games. For the 10 straight start Manchester City, this transcript some eye popping. After all, Guardiola Sai G Junior led Manchester but God kill God kill the buddha. Manchester City’s recent poor record tactical factors, such as the Premier League away defeat to Tottenham, Guardiola Bianzhen double waist was hit by Tottenham high closing down; a player error factors, such as the Champions League defeat to Barcelona, Bravo red off completely shattered against Manchester City hope; also have luck, such as the Premier League home court draw against Everton, de Blau Hei and Aguero both missed a penalty. No matter what happened before, now placed in front of Manchester City is four games. Southampton against Manchester City at home on, a major difference in the strength of the game this time, there is no reason not to win. Aspect two: Southampton Southampton Tottenham defense as Everton coach Pochettino old club. From Spain to England’s first stop, Pochettino chose Southampton. In 2014, Pochettino left Southampton, but the team still has his shadow. In the new season in the Premier League, Southampton 8 League to get 12 points, temporarily ranked the top eighth. The biggest feature of this team is defensive stability. As of now, Southampton 8 games lost only 7 balls, lost the ball number less than 1 even Biemann city.相关的主题文章: