Maoming is now two 5 meters tall columnar cactus see shout open eyes (video)-noiseware

Maoming is now two 5 meters tall columnar cactus see shout "eyes open" Maoming Evening News correspondent Zhang Xiqing photo Maoming news mansion in the town of Maonan District week pit village secretary Liang Sen studio outside in the yard, there are two tall columnar cactus nearly 5 meters high, to see who are chanted eye-opening". It is understood that the two column is immortal tree beam Secretary ten years ago from a group of Po Tian Zhou Keng Cun Zhang in front of a fairy shaft folded under two planting branchlets. Reporters saw that these two fairy columns on the beam outside the studio outside a courtyard, about ten meters away, a tree surrounded by green trees cover, a tree without cover, height is almost the same. Liang secretary said, these two fairy column usually not how to take care of, also did not apply fertilizer, can not expect to grow so well. The reporter saw, the two fairy tree at the bottom of the column tree stem is not large, the number is not much more to the growth of tree stems is greater, the number is more, attached lines. The reporter saw, immortal column tree had whipped bud, some have been fruitful. It is understood that this column is also called the immortal ruler, for Hylocereus undatus epiphytic plants, more succulent pulp. Stems stout, dark green, triangular, flowers large, white, aromatic, open from 5 to September; native to tropical and subtropical regions of the United States; cultivated in other tropical and subtropical regions. Maoming evening news reporter Huang Chufan correspondent Zhang Xiqing (Maoming network) [related reading] three high cactus you have seen?

茂名现两棵5米高仙人柱 见者齐呼“开了眼”茂名晚报通讯员 张锡庆 摄茂名网讯 在茂南区公馆镇周坑村委书记梁森的工作室外面的院子里,有两棵近5米高的仙人柱,让见者无不齐呼“大开眼界”。据了解,这两棵仙人柱是梁书记十年前从周坑村陂田组一户姓张人家门前一棵仙人柱身上折下两根小枝种植的。记者看到,这两棵仙人柱就种在梁森工作室外面一个院子,相距十米左右,一棵被周围绿化树遮掩着,一棵毫无遮掩,高度都差不多。梁书记说,这两棵仙人柱平时不怎么打理,也没有施过肥,想不到生长得这么好。记者看到,这两棵仙人柱底部树茎不是很大,株数不算多,越往上生长树茎就越大,株数就越多,株连着株。记者还见到,仙人柱树身上抽打出花蕾,有的已经结了果实。据了解,这种仙人柱也叫量天尺,为仙人掌科量天尺属植物,附生性多浆肉质植物。茎粗壮,深绿色,具三棱;花大形,白色,有芳香,5至9月晚间开放;原产于美洲热带和亚热带地区,其他热带和亚热带地区多有栽培。茂名晚报记者 黄楚凡 通讯员 张锡庆(茂名网) 【相关阅读】三层楼高的仙人掌你见过吗?相关的主题文章: