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Home-Improvement Enough is said and enough is read about the marble tiles which are creating waves in the interiors or home making industry for a while now. However, if we get to research about this material then we would find a lot of innovations and trendy substance in its story. No wonder, this can’t be explained in one write-up. However, we would try to explore the every aspect of its story in this article. When the aura of marble tiles was just started, it was only fitted in the royal palaces and the big bungalows. However, this was not the story after sometime when the business of hotels and resorts was just taking place. The whole tourism industry took charge of using marble tiles in their premises to get the glimpse of royalty in their premises. Further, when money came to the hands of general public, they took no time in equipping marble tiles in their homes. However, as this was a bit expensive affair for the masses, not many were able to take marble at their homes. Hence, the aura of marble walls and flooring was still present with half world and not the full one. After this, the industry experts thought of taking this material to the masses as this was one object which was quite eyed for. Hence, these big people in the industry went for the substitutes of marble tiles and offered a range of similar looking material at a cheap price. All this started with the limestone flooring, marble mosaic tiles and ceramic tiles. One can say that all these are the substitutes of marble tiles which give shine to a floor or a wall but, not at par with the original substance. Initially, these objects showed the lack of strength also but this trouble was soon over when the experts started working over it. All said about the marble tiles are quite less as its image is quite big in .parison to one or two articles. Hence, with so many substitutes present in this category, there is no doubt that one needs to bank upon the marble tiles for the luxury and strength in their homes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: