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Masked men the same street two times a person holding the knife robbery (Figure) – Beijing suspects using the tools of crime Sichuan Chengdu news network October 25th news (reporter Alvarez) because there is no proper occupation idle all day, Sichuan Hongyuan man heart or evil implementation knife burglary robbery, after less than 4 months twice crime in the process of the two victims of robbery, chopped to varying degrees, and stole property worth nearly 100 thousand yuan. The robber is rampant, two crime are on the same street, the arrogance of criminals brought bad influence to the local. The evening of October 12th, after the police investigation in squatting and under strict surveillance, knife wielding robbers finally. Jewelry shop at the moment masked men armed with a knife to play doom million at May 27, 2016 at 3 pm, a weird masked man came to the street, Hongyuan County Yang GA a jewelry store, looked around and found four unmanned, chenzheyese by built outside of the steel frame, jewelry shop climb two floor, then pry the window into the store. Because the sound is too large, the owner heard a sweet, get to see that the masked man is carry off all that one has in store. Shannon immediately realized that the home into the thief, began to cry. Who knows the masked man took out a prepared tool, to cut off a fragrant incense, causing a fracture of the fingers of the left hand and the first web were injured. "I just want money!" A robber like a gleaming knife threatened. In order not to provoke the robber, a fragrance to give up resistance, then the robbers robbed on the spot with 28300 yuan in cash, wallets and handbags 3 bank card a. However, the robbers did not close hand, he will drag a wounded incense to the first floor of the shop, the open counter force, the total value of the 1 gold rings and weighs about 97 grams, 3 grams of gold inlaid with red coral are only about 70 thousand yuan of the valuables looted, and then fled in panic. The owner of the shop at the store dish reproduction was chopped 20 thousand yuan in the looted jewelry store was robbed 3 months later, on the morning of September 4th at 6:30 pm, and Hongyuan County Yang GA street, in a series of beef dishes outside the shop, the masked man appears again. That dish shop door ajar, the masked man in the confirmation of no one around quickly sneaked into the store, everywhere looking for valuables. At this time, the dish shop owner Wang drove back, heard a noise inside the house, Wang immediately realized that the situation is not good, immediately shouted. Masked man heard shouting after very panic, pull out the knife ready to carry the head cut Wang, do not shout, or kill you!" Masked men viciously threatened. In extreme fear, Wang watched the robbers stole his 20 thousand yuan in cash and all kinds of documents. Subsequently, the criminals quickly fled the scene, quickly disappeared in the hazy night. Unraveling the identity of locking criminals Danghuo suspects police Dunshou in less than 4 months, two cases occurred in the town center area. In the police believe the suspects openly knife burglary, two wounded owner fled the scene, which is very arrogant arrogance, for a time caused a panic in the crowd, the store closed early, bring greater impact to the society. With)相关的主题文章: