Master 71 interview EHOME also need to break into the wings team winflash

Master 71 interview: Ehome also need to run about Wings team reporter: what do you think of the new team three ice? What about Master: No, look at staffing, feeling a little mischief. This is especially not coupled with foreign training, they feel that not what great achievement. Can ah, I analyze the team to their limit, is to have the ability to win the race in some of the top teams, have the ability to win the game, but the championship finals, ability should be not. So this team I basically is about to see, can learn things feel not a lot. Reporter: do you think TI6 after the Chinese team inside, which team do you prefer? In addition to EHOME. Master: the Chinese team first I did not say I am optimistic about EHOME. The Chinese team can also wings, other teams should not be able to do. The other team is more powerful is not important, because have the ability in the idea and tactics on three-dimensional with wings there is a gap, but after they are running after the game to get the verification results, and then build self-confidence, establish a team atmosphere and culture, you than not, you have to pass a lot of games played to feel these things down. The feeling of VG is not OK, but now this case. Everything else is quite general, including EHOME. Reporter: EHOME’s paper strength looks very luxurious, how do you see? Master: I do not think I really did not feel very luxurious. In fact, our team’s chemistry from the recent point of view is very poor, it is possible to win the game, but there is still a gap from the champions. Play the change, the three-dimensional tactics, the gap is still very large, I said is very large, it is not blind modesty what, I think a lot of bad. Reporter: three lines behind the match what are your goals? Master: no target is out of pure whirl, tuition, a lot of teams we are likely to lose it should be. And now we have not trained with foreign teams, the game has not played, are TI6 after the new team, in the rankings, in the search, we really strong team of the general. And for now, the performance limit will not be particularly high, in order to get results, then it takes a long time, we have to go through a lot of practice and discussion in order to complete the transformation. Now we are not even qualitative set, we have to set the sex to the first (in order to score). Reporter: do you think the current staffing, how long will it take to achieve your desired goal? Master: they have to get it for six months, and then have to get four months faster. Oh, I have to rest for the spring festival. Unless within three months, a big game in the final, I think it may be okay, otherwise very difficult. I think foreign EG seems to be able to, the domestic wings powerful. The official game where you have to really take a BO3, or 2:1 to win in the long run, in fact it seems not important, because the overall ability doesn’t mean you are taller than him, may be the game for you BANPICK, they won the special outstanding individual play or strategy. Because everybody is adjusting相关的主题文章: