Mayor to office staff issued a computer radiation subsidy 13 thousand and 600 was investigated musiland

The mayor to the office staff of Computer Anti Radiation subsidies 13 thousand and 600 Beijing – was investigated by "Li Yinggui as Chengguan town mayor, wind in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, decided to give its administrative warning." This is a punishment decision issued in Guizhou province Hezhang County Supervision Bureau of the day before. In August 2015, Li Yinggui to the Chengguan town party secretary, mayor ren. After a period of time, he felt that the town is hard work, they want to try to send some staff subsidies as compensation. February 3, 2016, Li Yinggui hosted a joint meeting of the town Party committee, the office staff to study the issue of microcomputer radiation subsidies, according to the standard monthly payment of 20 yuan per person. "20 yuan, not much money, it should not be illegal, right?" With luck, Li Yinggui decided to make a decision. In February 5th, the County Finance Bureau Chengguan Branch signed according to Li Yinggui charged for a list of persons with administrative operating expenses to 57 staff issued a year of "computer radiation subsidies", a total of 13 thousand and 600 yuan. In May 4th, Hezhang County Commission for Discipline Inspection to carry out special inspections of illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, I found some problems of Chengguan town. County Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately launched investigation. Survey, Li Yinggui initiative to admit mistakes, and arrange staff to recover the payment of illegal payments. County Supervision Bureau in accordance with the relevant provisions, to give Li Yinggui administrative warning. This case to a small number of cadres and cadres do not observe the rules of discipline sounded the alarm – no matter what time, we must strictly abide by the discipline, do not allow things must not do, never touch the ‘red line’." Hezhang County Supervision Bureau comrades said. (He Jixuan Xie Zhonglin)相关的主题文章: