Meng Jianzhu the movie Mekong River shows the Chinese spirit of Chinese power sugus

Meng Jianzhu: the movie "the Mekong" show China spirit Chinese force action Beijing – November 1st, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the central politics and Law Committee Secretary Meng Jianzhu in Beijing and the movie "the Mekong" creative staff forum. Meng Jianzhu and the movie "the Mekong" creative staff forum pointed out that follow the laws of art creativity and tell a good story to introduce more superb ornamental artistic ideology in the works of Guo Shengkun attended and spoke at the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Central Political Committee Secretary Meng Jianzhu in Beijing in November 1st with the film "the Mekong" creative staff forum when, encouraged the majority of artists in depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series especially in the spirit of the work of the forum important speech, to promote the socialist core values, follow the laws of art, stimulate creative vitality, and tell a good story, efforts to introduce more ideological, artistic, ornamental and political works. At the forum, "the Mekong River action" on behalf of the creative staff with the creation of the film course about the experience, the introduction of the film was released after the social repercussions. After listening to the speeches, Meng Jianzhu to pay for the creation of movies all the cast members of the hard work of condolences, expressed heartfelt thanks to the relevant units to support the central film. He said, the film "the Mekong River action" to the Mekong "10? 5" case stories, by all the cast members carefully planned and wonderful interpretation, to Chinese, police have tremendous courage and wisdom for the interests of the people at the expense of the glorious image of all the show in front of the audience. The film screened in China since 16 consecutive days won the single day box office champion, a record high attendance rate, good word-of-mouth success, since this year is the Chinese film market the highest satisfaction of a movie. At the same time, the film in Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asian countries and the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other countries released at home and abroad to win acclaim. Meng Jianzhu pointed out that "the Mekong action" can achieve success, condense all the toil and sweat of the creative staff. A strong sense of the creative staff of the overall situation, the film on the Mekong "10? 5" successful investigation of the case as the prototype, vividly described the incident from the detection of this thrilling history, highlighting the firm position of Chinese party and government resolutely safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses, show the strong leadership of the party and the government, the police involved in the China international joint law enforcement, active attitude and action of common crime, showing the China spirit, Chinese strength. Meng Jianzhu pointed out that a good film, must be ideological, artistic, ornamental works of unity. As an advocate of the film, the Mekong River has conquered the audience in a highly contagious way. Creative staff to respect the laws of art, in specific circumstances, the character set, the shooting scene on a large number of art processing, with twists and turns and convincing plot and dramatic conflicts increase film art and appreciation. Both the victory of justice over evil brilliant victories in the film, there are even bloodshed behind the extremely hard and bitter victory; both the people’s police, not afraid of difficulties hideTake Fuzheng evil image, also have them under great pressure in the anxious complex)相关的主题文章: