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Microsoft push Win10 PC Mobile Creators fast preview – Sohu digital news November 4th, Microsoft in the morning to push the Win10  PC Mobile; Creators fast preview version 14959, this is the New York Conference for the first time since Microsoft push preview version. Microsoft officially announced at a press conference in New York the next important name Win10 update update for Win10 Creators, after the update of the code for the 2 tour, the official version of Win10 Creators update to early 2017 release. Win10 Creators update is designed to allow artists and artists and other professionals have a better system experience to help them improve work efficiency. The introduction of the painting 3D became a highlight of this update, with the release of Microsoft Surface Studio, users can play a greater degree of creativity. This update is located in the fast preview channel Win10 PC Mobile users, you can check and download updates.相关的主题文章: