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The Ming Dynasty emperor Emperor Yan: Life Album Artist PK– value of Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: Ming Dynasty emperor Emperor Yan: Life Album Artist PK "seated Song Huizong" "Ming emperor" seated "Ming seated" if want to shape a handsome male glow, spirited Jiujiu founding emperors, then another "Ming emperor statue", is presented after the Ming Dynasty towards Wenzhi, bearing hongkuo king image. The 10 year of the reign of Ming emperor Zhu Zhanji (1426~1435), Xuande reign. Because of his good painting, and to restore the two Song painting event as the goal, then the rule of the palace painting reached its peak, which is comparable to the sun and the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Huizong academy. And two Emperor Huizong of Ming emperor, is not only a powerful patron palace of art, but also China history’s most talented artists emperor. In order to Huizong with poem, calligraphy and painting for painting, and its own sharp thin strength as a bending iron skinny body off gold, show the dazzling style; and the Ming emperor’s paintings are drawn flowers and birds, animals, Mozhu, by the influence of literati painting, natural and elegant style. Although the two emperors reveal the artistic temperament is so similar, but they are like the appearance of a royal. The portrait of Song Huizong seems obvious: many saw a gentle amiable 3/4 side posture, facial contour lines slightly rounded, soft, beard, clean face, looked focused, wearing a red robe but not flashy. All in all, all with him as an artist and the emperor, love poetry, calligraphy and painting, elegant image of poor politics is very fit. In contrast, the Ming emperor portrait, is plump, pale red, Su Toyoshige, wearing a black gauze on the folded wing good crown, dressed in a yellow robe Yunlong embedded treasure, hand belt, another hand is placed in the knee, sitting on the throne, fine carving, showing extraordinary fortitude character. In fact, according to the "history of the Ming Dynasty", "Ming emperor ascended the throne after the official said the Ministry, the government, and discipline,…… But if the strong fan burst, was flat, edge sweep dust, the Curtis deterrent, Emperor Rui yingzi slightly, so Wu Yu Zu grams of rope." It can be seen that the Ming emperor Chinese is really rare in the history of imperial art, this piece of "Ming emperor" is undoubtedly a statue accurately captures the extraordinary appearance and style of his lines. In addition, when it comes to the Ming emperor body belongs to a plump type, it had to be attributed to its natural gene. Originally, the father of emperor Renzong, but fat famous emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the history of everywhere for its description of obesity, even, overweight and not because of Renzong emperor favorite, several times almost lost the crown prince’s qualification. Fortunately, although the Ming emperor inherited his father fat physique, but in the Ming Dynasty the anthroposcopy daily books department practice, he will coordinate with the father as representative, rich phase. Obviously, they can be said to be popular folk fans embraced, the most popular noble emperor. (this article is reprinted from the "collection of ancient art? Read the world?" in August, WeChat public number "vintage", author Yao Zhen Liao) (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: